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September 2011 Archives

New Jersey man shot after reported domestic violence episode

A man who it is suspected had been abusing his wife was shot to death by two police officers when they arrived at his home to break up a reported fight. Law enforcement officers had been called to the scene of the man’s Truckerton residence to respond to a domestic violence incident that was occurring

States begin cashing in chips for child support

Many custodial parents in New Jersey struggle to pay their bills without assistance from the state. This could be prevented if noncustodial parents paid their child support. That is why many states are becoming more creative in ways that they collect payments. Many states have the ability to garnish wages and intercept refunds from overpaid

Bereaved New Jersey mother loses discrimination case

A New Jersey mother who lost her daughter to acute lymphocytic leukemia in 2005 was told to remove a picture of her from the cubicle she was stationed in at her former place of employment. This was nearly two years after the young girl’s death. After resigning from her position, the woman filed a lawsuit

Muslim woman’s death in New Jersey spawns worry for other victims

The recent death of an American Muslim in Boonton, New Jersey, has left many shocked and wondering how to help victims of domestic violence. The woman was a stay-at-home mother of two. She was 27-years-old when she was shot and killed by an individual who her husband had conspired with. When the incident occurred, the husband, 26, said

New Jersey employees lose pension benefits under new law

A new law in New Jersey has brought employee rights into question. The law, which is forcing current state employees to pay more for pension and health care, was approved to fix what supporting politicians called an unstable pension system. Through the passing of the law, the governor and both parties in the state’s congress

How are child support payments determined

Paying child support in New Jersey is important, as it is throughout the nation. To comply with the Federal Child Support Enforcement Act, each state has created a system to determine how much child support will be paid by the noncustodial parent. Every state has different specifics, but the central focus of child support determination

Group files harassment suit against New Jersey delivery company

A group of more than a dozen workers has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against their employer Home Delivery America, a moving company based in New Jersey. The 14 male workers decided to file the lawsuit after a majority of them were fired or laid off. Three of the plaintiffs still work for the company.

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