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December 2011 Archives

New Jersey child support sweeps return very little financially

Many single families in Cumberland County, New Jersey suffer from unpaid support from a noncustodial parent. The costs of owed child support affect the children, the custodial parent and the government, which often has to support these families with government funds. In some situations, it is because the noncustodial parent chooses not to pay their

Public employee resigns in midst of harassment complaint

Earlier this year, the clerk of Haddon Heights, New Jersey filed a complaint against the incoming mayor. According to her, he had touched her inappropriately at least once and harassed her on several other occasions. The sexual harassment complaint was made to the borough council and it later became a civil rights complaint with the

Religious discrimination has doubled in last decade, EEOC says

Employees and employers should both understand their rights in the workplace. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, complaints of workplace discrimination based on religious beliefs have doubled over the last decade. For some in New Jersey, this may come as no surprise. One woman who worked at Old Navy has accused the company in

Unclaimed support may be solved with a simple fix

Custody battles in New Jersey can end with one parent paying the other to assist with the expenses of raising their child. Custodial parents receive these child support payments from the noncustodial parent often in monthly installments. But when the custodial parent moves, it can be hard for those checks to reach their destination. According

Should child obesity factor in custody decisions?

Earlier in 2011, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an opinion piece that suggested the government revoke custody from parents whose children are morbidly obese. The author of the piece, a physician and leading expert on obesity, said that such children should be placed in foster care to live in a healthier environment.

Employee rights poster requirements set for employers

Employee rights are an important part of the work environment. Federal and state laws are set up to protect employees from hostile work environments and discrimination. A recent news story highlighted the importance of employee rights. Employers in New Jersey have until Jan. 31, 2012 to post the newly required National Labor Relations Board notices

New bills hope to protect domestic violence victims

Three new bills could become laws in New Jersey in the near future. New Jersey Assembly Bill 2891, also known as A-2891, would provide lease and rental protections for victims of domestic violence. A-2258 would allow victims of domestic violence to justify actions of self-defense in court. The third bill, A-1491, would create new bail

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