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January 2012 Archives

Happy ending to international custody battle

A cab driver from New Jersey has finally been reunited with his son. After eight long years, the child custody battle for the 46-year-old man who lives in East Orange, New Jersey is over. The 10-year-old boy arrived at an airport where his father was waiting for him. He had been in the Ivory Coast

NLRB says that some arbitration agreements are outdated

Workers in Mercer County, New Jersey may want to pay attention: A new ruling by the National Labor Relations Board is now requiring all businesses to allow employees to bring collective claims in court or in arbitration, whichever way the employer chooses to provide. For those that signed away their rights to in-court disputes when

Major beverage company settles discrimination case with EEOC

Workers in Mercer County, New Jersey should pay attention to the results of a recent case against Pepsi Beverages Co. According to reports, the company was charged by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with racial discrimination. The company had been using criminal background checks to eliminate applicants who were not convicted of crimes. Because of

Employee rights poster enforcement date postponed

The enforcement of a controversial regulation passed by the National Labor Relations Board has been postponed by a federal court. This means that employers in Mercer County, New Jersey will not have to post a notice indicating employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act, a recently passed bill that ensures the rights of employees

Many parents in New Jersey do not receive their child support

Many parents throughout the country struggle to receive the payments they are owed by their noncustodial counterparts. Warrants for the arrest of individuals guilty of not paying child support in New Jersey have seen an increase last year and the effects are being felt by custodial parents and governmental agencies alike. One woman, a 40-year-old

Jewish divorces are not complete after civil proceedings

Jewish couples living in New Jersey have an advantage against their spouse during the dissolution of a marriage that many non-Jewish couples do not possess. This advantage comes in the form of a social norm that is endemic to the Jewish faith: the Get. Jewish law dictates that when a couple goes through a divorce,

New Jersey woman sues former employer for harassment

A complaint made by a woman from Lawnside, New Jersey, has been filed against the parent company of a former employer. She alleges that she was subjected to regular sexual harassment during the course of her employment, which began in spring of 2009 and ended last summer. Her attorneys have filed a lawsuit against CBS

Divorce may be cause for lower marriage rates

With national cohabitation rates on the rise, many couples in New Jersey are avoiding marriage altogether. Couples are deciding to get married later in life, allowing them time to weigh the option of marriage and find a career without being legally tied to one another. According to a new survey conducted in part by researchers

Employers can be held liable for discrimination by employees

Though it may seem impossible for a New Jersey employer to keep track of every action performed by members of low-level management and the employees they supervise, they can still be held accountable for acts of wrongful termination. According to a decision made in 1990 by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, high-level decision makers

Domestic violence incident ends in murder-suicide

During the holiday season, many individuals are anxious to see loved ones they have not been around for an entire year. A person’s life can change drastically over that 365-day span: new homes, new cars and new relationships. But, what if some of those changes aren’t for the better? Like most other states, New Jersey

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