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February 2012 Archives

Supreme Court will not hear grandparent visitation rights case

Familial disputes can cause deep-seated divisions among relatives. Such disagreements can occur during a divorce, but they can also trouble an otherwise married and happy New Jersey family. Parents may decide to preclude family members, including their own parents, from seeing their children. The question then becomes what rights grandparents have to seek visitation when they are shut

New Jersey law would fit some domestic violence abusers with GPS

Domestic violence cases cause ineffaceable changes to the lives of the victim and the accused. Because domestic violence by definition occurs between people with a prior relationship, sometimes the parties may contact each other after the incident in an attempt to mend the damaged relationship and begin to rebuild the trust between them. Other times,

New Jersey court orders fee-shift in wrongful termination suit

Standing up and reporting wrongdoing in the workplace can be a cause of anxiety for some employees. They may worry that they will become the target of harassment or even lose their job for whistleblowing. But federal and New Jersey state laws are in place to protect workers from employer retaliation. And a recent New

Former Hoboken official sues for wrongful termination

It’s not unusual for an employer to require ongoing training for employees on various topics throughout the year. Often these training sessions involve how to more effectively work with colleagues, safe work environments or appropriate communications in the office. However, what happens if a mandated training session time directly conflicts with important issues that your

New Jersey may lose lifetime alimony

Married couples living in Princeton, New Jersey may not know about the current state of affairs in an important segment of the divorce process. They should be though as it could affect them if their marriage was to ever end. Reforms to alimony in the state may create serious changes some time soon. As one

Young mother says her employee rights were violated due to wrongful termination

A young mother says her rights as an employee were violated after she was wrongly terminated by her employer for going on leave for her pregnancy. Certain workers have employee rightsunder the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the federal law provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off for parents with arriving newborns

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