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March 2012 Archives

New Jersey Congressman introduces child custody bill

Divorcing parents will inevitably have to face the decision about how they will divide custody of their children. While determining child custody can be an emotional process, in many cases a child will ending up seeing each parent some amount of the time. But in unusual cases, a parent may remove a child from the

New age discrimination rule promulgated by EEOC

In our last post we discussed the difficulty that many workers in New Jersey and elsewhere are having in securing permanent employment. As companies cut workforces during the recession, many older employees who had worked in the same job or industry for years were laid off. News stories frequently cite the hardship that older workers

Marriage study has implications for New Jersey couples

Over the years, many studies have searched for what ingredients make a happy and lasting marriage. For some time, however, living together before marriage was an indicator that the union was more likely to end in divorce than one where the couple shared a residence only after the marriage ceremony. A new study released by

New Jersey law addresses hiring discrimination against jobless

The recession of four years ago hit many people hard. The state of the economy and its potential recovery is a never ending discussion in newspapers and on television shows. The economy is also a ubiquitous concern for the millions the recession left unemployed, a number of whom still encounter difficulty in finding permanent work.

New Jersey legislation could order DNA test, affect child support

Parenting is a collaborative endeavor, and this is true whether a couple is married or divorced. The law reflects the collaborative approach, requiring divorced parents to contribute to their child’s support even after the separation. Child support can be one of the most important aspects of a divorce. Some parents, however, feel they are unfairly

Painter wins settlement in retaliation lawsuit against employer

Employees of any company in New Jersey and around the country should be able to work in an environment free from discrimination. Unfortunately, other employees’ prejudices can make their way into the workplace. These can include offensive jokes, derogatory terms and racial slurs. Employees should not have to worry about being fired if they report

New Jersey legislator introduces reform of alimony laws

Divorcing couples must sort out a number of matters, including whether one will pay the other alimony and the amount of the payment. Alimony has long been a part of divorce proceedings, but a change to its very nature could be in the offing. Groups in various states have begun to push for alimony reform,

Pregnant woman awarded settlement in sex discrimination lawsuit

Women in New Jersey and around the country can have successful, fulfilling careers and be excellent mothers. Employers should facilitate a female employee’s transition into motherhood so that she is not forced to make the decision between career aspirations and parenting responsibilities. In fact, federal law protects pregnant women from discrimination based on their pregnancy.

New Jersey could seize whole benefits payments for child support

Child support is an important part of many divorce proceedings. The law values child support payments so highly that states such as New Jersey are permitted to garnish the wages and freeze the bank accounts of those who do not meet their obligations. States can even garnish federal benefits payments from parents who are required

Man with epilepsy wins in disability discrimination suit

Job applicants in New Jersey have a right to expect that employers will objectively view their qualifications without regard to certain personal characteristics, such as gender, race or disability. Regrettably, employers do engage in discriminatory practices by refusing to hire applicants based on factors other than their ability to do the job well. Federal and

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