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April 2012 Archives

New Jersey couples should examine the tax consequences of divorce

April is the herald of spring, baseball and taxes. While taxes are complex enough under ordinary circumstances, a divorce can make the tax process completely byzantine. Divorcing couples must consider not only what arrangements they will make for alimony and child support, but also how the Internal Revenue Service views those payments. The tax consequences

Bill would ease standard for workers in age discrimination suits

Federal laws prohibit employers in New Jersey and around the country from discriminating against their employees on the basis of certain enumerated categories, such as religion, gender and age. But age discrimination cases are somewhat different from other cases because of a 2009 Supreme Court ruling in a case called Gross v. FBL Financial Services,

EEOC settles sexual harassment suit against fast food restaurant

Nearly everybody in New Jersey has probably eaten at a Burger King restaurant at one time or another. Some young teenagers have earned their first paycheck working for the company. A first job can be a source of pride and accomplishment, but for one 17-year-old girl who began working at a Burger King restaurant, her

Father fights for child custody in removal and adoption case

New Jersey law provides parents with certain rights to see their children. Occasionally, however, one parent takes a child away, precluding the other from having parenting time with the child and playing a role in the child’s life. One such case is playing out across two states, and other fathers in similar circumstances are watching

Older couples in New Jersey divorce more often than parents

Members of the baby boomer generation reshaped the cultural landscape of America during their younger years, and as they approach middle age and retirement, they are altering the country’s perception of divorce. Boomers have bucked trends throughout their lives, and they are doing it again. While middle-age divorce was once fairly rare, boomers are now

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