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May 2012 Archives

Court enters summary judgment in favor of wrongfully fired man

New Jersey is home to the headquarters of BASF Corporation, which bought another company that recently became the subject of a wrongful termination lawsuit. According to the plaintiff employee, Cognis Corporation–acquired by BASF in 2010–fired him when he declined to accept a continuing employment contract whose terms explicitly precluded him from filing a discrimination lawsuit

Social media playing larger role in New Jersey divorces

New Jersey investors know that the recent bustle around Facebook concerns its highly-anticipated initial public offering and the subsequent disappointment that followed when expected gains failed to materialize. But for divorcing couples, Facebook and other social media websites hold an altogether different importance. According to a number of attorneys, social media websites are playing an

Target worker reaches settlement in wrongful termination suit

New Jersey residents are undoubtedly familiar with Target, a retailing giant with stores across the country. This week, the company settled a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by one of its employees that alleged that Target failed to provide accommodation for her disability and then fired her when she failed to return from break on time.

New Jersey lawmakers mull changes to surrogacy procedure

Family law is a particularly broad discipline, encompassing issues relating not only to divorce but also to claims of paternity and child custody. This week, the New Jersey Legislature considered a bill that would reform the state’s laws regarding the custody of a child born to a surrogate mother. The legislation was created in response

Woman wins appeal in disability discrimination lawsuit

The Americans with Disabilities Act prevents employers in New Jersey and around the country from discriminating against persons with disabilities. This covers not only instances of wrongful termination, but also discrimination in the hiring process. One woman who was refused employment because of her disability has found vindication through the legal system after the trial

More divorced women are paying alimony to their ex-husbands

In a prior blog post, we noted one New Jersey legislator’s attempt to reform our state’s alimony laws. Such a reform would mark a change in how alimony is traditionally awarded and would join similar legislation either passed or considered by other states. Other changes to alimony are already afoot, however, but they have more

Victim of religious discrimination receives $5 million verdict

We have the freedom to belong to a particular religion and the ability to change our religious affiliation if we so desire. Federal and New Jersey anti-discrimination laws are intended to protect a person’s private choice from being the subject of hostile or unfair action in the workplace. Unfortunately, the law’s deterrent effect is not

Mother faces challenges in international child custody dispute

When parents divorce in New Jersey, they will have to create a child custody agreement, which will determine which parent the children will live with and the rights of the other parent to visit the children. Child custody issues can become more much complex, however, when the parent with sole or primary custody later wants

New Jersey transgender employees now protected under federal law

Workplace discrimination based on an employee’s sex has been prohibited for decades by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But over the years, there has been some doubt regarding whether a person’s gender identity is similarly protected under federal law. Some courts have sided with plaintiffs and taken the position that the

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