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June 2012 Archives

Amicable divorce methods reveal advantages over litigation

Divorce is not a one-size-fits-all process. There are different ways New Jersey couples can go through it, each with its own benefits that suit the couple’s temperaments and the current status of their relationship. Importantly, the choices are up to the spouses themselves–they control their own destiny when it comes to resolving the issues surrounding

Lifeguard alleging age discrimination settles lawsuit

Summer is in full swing, and with hot and humid weather expected this weekend, many New Jersey residents may seek relief with cooling waters at the shore, area lakes or local pools. In many locations, the state or private organizations hire and post lifeguards for swimmers’ safety. While many of the lifeguards are younger, often

Wrongfully terminated employee wins against New Jersey company

A New Jersey judge has handed down a decision in favor of an employee who was wrongfully terminated from his position with a New Jersey construction company in August 2008. The company will have to provide the man with compensation and pay in the amount of $179,000. In addition, the state has assessed a $10,000

Treaty could aid enforcement of overseas child support orders

In the past, we have posted about the increased difficulties a parent can face in child support and custody disputes when the other parent lives abroad. Two months ago, we noted an agreement reached between New Jersey and the Dominican Republic that pledged mutual cooperation between the two jurisdictions in enforcing child support orders. Now

Lightning Struck Twice

Something happened today that has happened only once before in my 33 years of law practice, and it stands for why I chose to practice law in the first place. A parent of a 13 year old came to me a few months ago stating that her ex husband was physically and emotionally abusing the

New Jersey police arrest parents for nonpayment of child support

Child support arrangements are a vital aspect of a divorce between parents. New Jersey law mandates that both parents make financial contributions to the support of their children. While many parents dutifully meet their court-imposed obligations, some do not. Last week, law enforcement authorities engaged in a round-up of parents who were behind on child

Former steel plant employee wins racial discrimination case

Any form of workplace discrimination can make employees feel small and isolated, reducing once gregarious individuals to somber and taciturn workers. That is one reason why federal and New Jersey laws prohibit that sort of conduct. But one worker at a steel factory unfortunately lost his happy personality after being the victim of repeated racial

New Jersey man faces domestic violence charges after break-in

The ending of a marriage or a dating relationship can cause emotional tension between the parties. Frustration and anger are not uncommon feelings, but what a party decides to do with those feelings is of great importance. Some former spouses and lovers regrettably translate those emotions into violent physical action, assaulting or intimidating the very

Fired woman wins sexual harassment case against employer

In late 2004, a female employee was working overnight as a janitor for a subsidiary of ABM Industries, the largest janitorial company in the country. She was alone in a room when a supervisor entered and sexually assaulted her. The woman was also subjected to further instances of sexual harassment during her employment there. On

Federal appellate court declares DOMA provision unconstitutional

New Jersey is one state that recognizes civil unions for same-sex couples. Six other states, however, recognize the legality of same-sex marriage and two more are prepared to do so pending possible ballot referendums this fall. The national debate over same-sex marriage has been increasing in intensity in recent years, including such issues as the

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