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July 2012 Archives

Laws and perception surrounding divorce change over time

Parents entering a divorce may understandably be anxious about how a number of important issues will be resolved. The amount one parent receives in child support and alimony, which assets go to which spouse and how the parents decide to arrange child custody will affect former couples’ lives for many years going forward. According to

McDonald’s franchisee settles sexual harassment claims

New Jersey employees have a right to be free from a hostile work environment. Employers must comply with state and federal laws, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and ensure that their workers are not exposed to sexual harassment. Some employers, however, fail to respond adequately to employee complaints of inappropriate behavior

Debate on alimony reform goes on in New Jersey

Throughout the year, lawmakers in the New Jersey Legislature have been weighing and voting on potential changes to our state’s laws on alimony and child support. Their efforts come at a time when legislators in the Tri-State area have either passed or are considering legislation on the subject. There are two principal bills in the

Former New Jersey detectives win on age discrimination claims

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination was the basis for an employment discrimination lawsuit filed by six former detectives who claimed that superiors required them to retire or simply released them because of their ages. The six plaintiffs won their age discrimination case last week when a jury returned a $2.7 million verdict in their

New Jersey court rules in international child custody case

A few months ago, we mentioned the child custody case involving a New Jersey father’s attempt to return his son to the United States after his wife removed the boy to Brazil and remained there for five years. With the help of federal legislators, the man eventually won custody of his son when a Brazilian

New Jersey settles employee’s disability discrimination claims

A woman had worked as a teacher’s aide in a New Jersey school district for four years when she was informed by letter that she would not be rehired the following year. The letter did not provide any reason why she should not continue in her current position. There was no mention of poor performance,

Settlement reached over claims of sex discrimination against BP

New Jersey residents who followed the Deepwater Horizon oil spill remember that it took an army of people to help clean up the oil. In total, approximately 130,000 people toiled in the sweltering southern sun or volunteered to do so. At the height of the effort, 47,000 people were part of the cleanup force. But

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