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October 2012 Archives

New Jersey employers could be barred from applicants’ accounts

When New Jersey residents apply for a job, they have the right to be free from discrimination in the hiring process. State and federal laws preclude employers from using factors such as a person’s race, national origin, age or gender to determine whether to hire the applicant. A New Jersey bill making its way through

New Jersey has lowest percentage of divorced adults, says census

According to the Census Bureau, 9 percent of adults in New Jersey are divorced. This represents the lowest figure of any state in the country. What is responsible for this statistic? According to a number of experts, the answer lies in the state’s demographic composition. Studies have shown that more marriages tend to last where

Victims of racial harassment prevail on partial summary judgment

On our New Jersey blog, we have mentioned briefly motions for summary judgment in the context of employment discrimination cases. To elaborate further, a motion for summary judgment is a procedural move in a lawsuit that basically asserts that the case can be concluded before it goes to the jury because the facts are so

Court gives mother custody in international child removal case

Last month, we wrote on an international child custody and removal case that was being presented to the New Jersey Supreme Court. The case is now over and the young child has returned to her mother in Turkey after the state Supreme Court ruled that the stay put in place by the Passaic County Family

New Jersey Supreme Court orders DNA test in paternity case

This week the New Jersey Supreme Court handed down a ruling that could have a significant effect on future divorces, child support actions and paternity disputes. Concisely put, the court held that a father can petition a New Jersey court to order a DNA test where he can demonstrate that there is a “reasonable possibility”

Disabled applicant wins settlement in hiring discrimination case

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects disabled workers in New Jersey and around the country from discrimination in the workplace. If otherwise qualified for the position, disabled persons have the right to receive equal treatment from employers in the application and hiring process, in decisions regarding promotion and compensation, and in issues related to termination.

New Jersey senator cosponsors bill on pregnancy discrimination

Sen. Frank Lautenberg has joined with three other U.S. senators to propose a bill that would strengthen the protections women would have against discrimination in the workplace based on pregnancy. The Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act would require that employers reasonably accommodate employees who are pregnant. Federal law already gives pregnant women some protection against employment

New Jersey Legislature drafts domestic violence testimony bill

Regrettably, there are quite a number of domestic violence incidents each year in New Jersey. For example, the Essex County Superior Court alone processes 4,500 cases. Some domestic violence cases arise from the emotional tumult that can accompany a divorce or the dissolution of a relationship. In other instances, spousal abuse is what precipitates the

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