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November 2012 Archives

New Jersey moves domestic violence police training online

Domestic violence unfortunately touches many lives here in New Jersey. In fact, according to Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa, more than 70,000 instances of domestic violence are reported every year in New Jersey. In order for police to respond effectively to domestic disturbances, the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 required every police officer

President Obama signs Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act

When workers in New Jersey report employer misconduct and are then fired or subjected to mistreatment for doing so, they are often able to get their jobs back and obtain compensation under federal and state laws. This is because very strong legal protections are afforded to whistle-blowers in the private sector. Unfortunately, such rights of

State supreme court delves into posthumous paternity issue

Modern technology has brought with it several family law issues that courts around the nation are struggling to sort through. For example, the New Jersey Supreme Court recently reached a split decision in trying to interpret state family law and parenting rights as they apply to children born by surrogacy. While this is one legal

Whistle-blower case ends in $30 million settlement

Whistle-blowers play an important role here in New Jersey and throughout the country, calling attention to employers who may be breaking the law and causing harm. When employees learn of employer misconduct, fraud or other illegal actions, they have the right to report this activity without the fear of retaliation. New Jersey employment law protects whistle-blowers

Why wasn’t same-sex marriage question before New Jersey voters?

The 2012 elections last week resulted in sweeping victories for same-sex marriage proponents. Voters in three states approved gay marriage last Tuesday, and voters in another state blocked a measure that would have banned it. Here in our state, the New Jersey Legislature and Gov. Chris Christie have disagreed on same-sex marriage legislation, but voters

Woman denied job because of pregnancy wins discrimination case

Anti-discrimination laws aim to ensure workplace equality across a wide array of categories. One of the mainstays in workplace discrimination law is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Since its enactment, the Civil Rights Act has been amended by subsequent legislation to extend anti-discrimination protection to other categories. For example, the Pregnancy

New Jersey court sentences man to jail for nonpayment of alimony

In some instances, those who fail to make court-ordered alimony payments in New Jersey can end up in jail. Take the recent case of a man in Hunterdon County who was taken into custody last month because he was not meeting his $8,000 per month obligation. According to one of the man’s supporters, he lost

Company settles discrimination claim on basis of national origin

When the U.S. has been attacked by persons belonging to another nation, some people irrationally transfer the animus they feel towards the attackers to people of similar nationalities and origins. While no one in New Jersey will forget Sept. 11, employers are bound to respect anti-discrimination laws that preclude unfair treatment on the basis of

Difficult surrogacy case divides New Jersey Supreme Court

For some New Jersey couples who are unable to conceive, surrogacy is the solution. But while the process can bring unbridled joy to parents’ lives, it can also place children, intended parents, donors and gestational mothers in a troublesome legal thicket. The New Jersey Supreme Court did little to sort out this exceptionally tangled and

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