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December 2012 Archives

Feds arrest ‘Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad’

Whenever parents divorce in New Jersey, one very important issue to study is that of child support. Under New Jersey law, both parents are obligated to provide financial support to their children. In general, courts consider a number of factors, such as each parent’s incomes, amount of time the child spends at each parent’s home,

Don’t hate me (or fire me) because I’m beautiful

Life just got a little tougher for irresistibly beautiful people. A state supreme court ruled on Friday that employers can fire employees simply for being too attractive. The ruling did not take place here in New Jersey, but rather in the Midwest where a dental assistant was fired by her boss because he thought that

January is the most popular month for divorce

The holidays are almost upon us here in New Jersey, and as some families know, this season of celebration is often followed by one of realization. January tends to be a popular month for new beginnings and life changes, and as such it is a common time to file for divorce. In fact, a recent

Dillard’s settles class action medical leave lawsuit

When an employee takes a leave from work due to a medical issue, certain federal and New Jersey state employment rights kick in. Under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, for example, most employers are required to provide employees with up to 12 weeks of leave due to illness, pregnancy or adoption, or the need

NJ child abuse, custody ‘expert’ loses license for malpractice

When a child custody case or divorce dispute involves allegations of abuse, New Jersey’s family law courts may decide to bring in therapists or other professionals to provide counseling or expert testimony. It is often necessary to do this in order to prove or disprove accusations, as well as ensure that the safety and rights

Supreme Court justices hear international child custody dispute

Child custody disputes can be challenging for any New Jersey family, but when the parents do not both reside in the U.S., things become very complicated. Such cases can be complex because they deal with questions of jurisdiction and often involve the interpretation of international treaties. Additionally, the stakes are very high because it is

New Jersey public university settles equal pay lawsuit

In 1963, the Equal Pay Act made it illegal to pay women lower wages than those that men earned for doing the same jobs. Today, almost 50 years later, wage discrimination still exists. In a case that was just settled this week here in Newark, it was unveiled that female faculty members at the University

Supreme Court asked to clear up sexual harassment question

Sexual harassment has a reputation as one of the most complicated areas of employment law in New Jersey and throughout the country. This is for a number of reasons, but it is due in part to the fact that there are two forms of sexual harassment and both involve highly sensitive issues. The first type

Study: disabled parents face discrimination in child custody cases

Child custody disputes can be very exhausting for parents. To be asked to prove to a New Jersey family law judge that it is in a child’s best interest to be in your care can be very emotionally draining for any parent. A recent report issued by the National Council on Disability states that the stakes

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