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January 2013 Archives

Military father reclaims rights to daughter put up for adoption

Here in New Jersey, state law provides parents with certain rights. In some cases, particularly when parents are unmarried, fathers may have to jump through additional legal hoops to ascertain their rights. As we have previously discussed, this can be particularly difficult for members of the military who may be on deployment when a custody

Is ‘Sesame Street’ divorce series a sign of the times in Jersey?

New Jersey parents who have “Sesame Street” fans at home may know the popular children’s program has begun a series about divorce. While the divorce plotlines are not airing during the show itself, “Sesame Street” has launched an online toolkit for children experiencing divorce. The multimedia suite includes videos, storybooks and songs, among other tools

Supreme Court takes up mixed-motive retaliation case

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, among other federal statutes and New Jersey’s anti-discrimination laws, makes it clear that employment discrimination is illegal, and that it is also unlawful to retaliate against workers who stand up for their rights. However, some employers still practice discrimination and retaliation, while hiding their true motives for these employment decisions; and in other

Restaurant chain ordered to pay $1 million for wage theft

It has been reported that millions of Americans are victims wage theft every year. This takes place when employers shortchange workers on benefits, misclassify workers as contractors, or cheat workers out of minimum wage and overtime, among other things. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, covered and non-exempt employees must be paid at least $7.25 per hour, as

Domestic abuse allegations heard in criminal and divorce courts

Many divorce cases in New Jersey include allegations of domestic violence or domestic abuse. In some of these cases, the allegations are factual, but in others they are nothing more than false accusations designed to give the accuser the upper hand in a divorce settlement or child custody dispute. Because of this, it is very

Report: New Jersey produces significant number of whistle-blowers

New Jersey residents may be surprised to hear that the state produced more whistle-blower tips in 2012 than almost any other state. The Securities and Exchange Commission recently released a report about the first complete year of the Dodd-Frank whistle-blower law — which created incentives as well as protections for people who come forward to

Supreme Court will hear Native American adoption case

Most family law matters in New Jersey are guided by state laws. Some complicated issues, however, involve an intricate intersection of state and federal law. This is the case when it comes to adoption, an area where federal laws provide standards by which state laws must comply. One federal law that arches over state adoption

Study finds teens are likely to be sexually harassed at work

It can be a relief for New Jersey parents when their teenagers get their first jobs. It can be nice for teenagers to go out and earn a bit of their own spending money as well as gain real life work experience. Parents of working teens may worry, however, after hearing the results of a

New Jersey supreme court frees man jailed for alimony nonpayment

Back in November, we discussed the case of a New Jersey man who had been sentenced to jail for nonpayment of alimony. The case garnered much media attention due to the movement for alimony reform in the state. Late last month, after almost eight weeks behind bars, the Supreme Court of New Jersey ordered the

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