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February 2013 Archives

$2 million paid to New Jersey victims of discrimination last year

Discrimination is illegal under both federal law and New Jersey state law, but unfortunately it is still prevalent in many workplaces and other arenas. According to a recent report from New Jersey’s Division of Civil Rights, more than $2 million was paid in settlements to victims of discrimination in New Jersey last year alone. The

Divorced baby boomers may face retirement trouble

Last week in this New Jersey Family Law Blog, we discussed how important it is to divide retirement assets fairly during divorce. A recent news report points out that baby boomers are continuing to divorce at very high rates and this trend is bound to affect the retirement lifestyles of a number of them. According

Pregnant woman fired for letting baby take ‘toll’ on her

While discrimination in employment is outlawed by both federal law and New Jersey state law, it still persists in many workplaces. One form of employment discrimination that remains a widespread problem throughout the country is that against pregnant women. In 1978, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Exiting a marriage? Take your fair share of retirement savings.

For many New Jersey residents, one of the more difficult parts of the divorce process is deciding how to divide the marital property, assets and debts. Splitting one household into two is no easy task, and many people tend to be more concerned about the immediate effects of divorce rather than the potential long-term consequences.

Domestic violence protections are strengthened

In New Jersey, victims of domestic violence are often wise to ask the court for a restraining order against the abuser. It is sometimes possible to attain a preliminary restraining order without even facing the abusive person. New Jersey law protects not only married spouses from domestic abuse, but also domestic partners, parents, children and

Should New Jersey employers be able to access criminal records?

New Jersey residents who have run into trouble with the law have likely experienced many long-lasting consequences. Of course, crimes often result in fines, probation and even jail time, but in addition to these formal sentences penalties can sometimes have an effect on one’s personal life and career for the rest of their lives. This

Divorce and taxes: new rules affect settlements

Many New Jersey residents are busy now that tax season is upon us. Those who are planning to divorce in 2013 may want to speak to their family law attorneys and tax accountants about the tax implications of divorce, paying specific attention to the potential effects of the American Taxpayer Relief Act. Many wealthy New

20th anniversary of FMLA ushers in new employee rights

This week marks an important anniversary in employment law and U.S. history. On Feb. 5, 1993, the federal government enacted the Family and Medical Leave Act, providing job-protected leaves to workers after the birth or adoption of a child, or to recuperate from a serious illness. On Tuesday, the 20th anniversary of the FMLA, the

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