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April 2013 Archives

New Jersey may restrict non-compete agreements

New Jersey has joined a number of other states by recently seeking to bar companies from enforcing non-compete agreements. The proposed legislation is meant to make it easier for laid off workers to find employment, which would in turn help the state decrease the number of people receiving unemployment benefits. If this bill were to

How is credit card debt divided in divorce?

One of the most complicated parts of the legal divorce process is dividing marital assets and debts. New Jersey law provides that marital property must be divided equitably. Equitable distribution means that debts and assets must be divided fairly, but not necessarily equally. Of course, deciding what is fair is a pretty subjective matter. Credit

The jobless continue to face discrimination barrier

When we hear about companies that are practicing discrimination in hiring, the victims are often people who are stereotyped because of their religion, race, nationality, sexuality, age or gender. Another group, however, is reportedly facing widespread employment discrimination: the unemployed. Recent research suggests that those who have been unemployed for an extended period of time

Woman calls 911, asks dispatcher for a divorce

Many people in New Jersey heard the news story earlier this week about a northwestern Pennsylvania woman who called 911 to ask for a divorce. Although the story made national news because the call was so unusual, there are probably numerous couples in New Jersey who can relate to the caller. The woman reportedly called

Should courts consider immigration status in custody disputes?

When parents in New Jersey divorce or breakup, the custody of their children often becomes a difficult issue. This is even more complicated if grandparents who were helping to raise the children now want legal custody. Grandparents generally cannot obtain custody of children in New Jersey unless the parental rights of the child’s natural parents

Gender wage gap persists 50 years after Equal Pay Act

Equal Pay Day, a public awareness day meant to call attention to the gender wage gap, was celebrated earlier this week in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. The date symbolizes how much more women have to work to earn the same amount of money as men. This year, April 9 marked the date by

How to deal with the marital home in a New Jersey divorce

The most contentious issue in many New Jersey divorces is the future of the marital home. New Jersey state law calls for an equitable division of all shared property, but exactly how this is achieved is generally left up to the couple and their attorneys. The marital home is often a couple’s most valuable asset

New Jersey whistle-blower wins wrongful termination lawsuit

Employees should not have to fear coming forward to report wrongdoing in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employees hesitate to stand up for their rights at work, or resist reporting illegal activities of their employers, because they think they might be fired for doing so. It is illegal here in New Jersey–by state law and federal

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