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May 2013 Archives

Are divorce rates back on the rise in New Jersey?

Although the overall divorce rates in the U.S. and here in New Jersey have been declining for some time, a recent news report suggests that there is currently an uptick in divorce filings. The president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has linked the recent increase in divorces to the economic recovery, specifically the

NJ lawmakers send social media privacy bill to governor

Job hunters in New Jersey may have recently noticed a disturbing trend. A number of employers in the state are reportedly asking job applicants to provide their Facebook usernames and passwords. Many people feel that this is an unlawful violation of privacy, and an unnecessary barrier to employment, and as such New Jersey’s lawmakers have

Lesbian couple fights morality clause in divorce decree

New Jersey parents who are newly divorced or are going through a divorce may be concerned about their children spending time with their former spouse’s significant other. In this day and age, exposing a child to a parent’s new boyfriend or girlfriend is not as taboo as it used to be, however parents who have

New Jersey Assembly passes amended social media privacy bill

Earlier this month in this Princeton Employment Law Blog, we noted that Gov. Chris Christie issued a conditional veto of a bill that would bar employers from requesting access to their employees’ social media accounts. The New Jersey Assembly has now taken Christie’s recommendations into account and voted Monday to send the bill back to

NJ Assembly wants leave rights for victims of domestic violence

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a memo to employers last year outlining their responsibilities when it comes to employees who are victims of domestic violence. The EEOC warned employers that while discrimination against victims of domestic violence is not expressly outlawed by federal law, employers might violate the Americans with Disabilities Act or

International child abduction prevention bill is reintroduced

“Does the word parental in front of kidnapping make it less of a crime?” This is a question that was recently asked by a Rutherford, New Jersey, man whose wife fled to Japan, her home country, with their two children in 2008. This man recently testified at a subcommittee hearing of the U.S. House Committee

New Jersey whistle-blower receives award in fraud case

A New Jersey whistle-blower is part of a very significant case that was unsealed this week. A Belle Meade man, and former Ranaxby Laboratories Ltd. executive, filed a whistle-blower complaint against the pharmaceutical manufacturer in 2007. The man accused his former employer of defrauding public health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid. It was revealed

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoes social media privacy bill

In late March we discussed a New Jersey employment law bill that had been sent to Gov. Chris Christie’s desk. The bill would have forbidden employers from inquiring about their employees’ or job candidates’ social media use. Christie has since decided to conditionally veto the bill, taking particular issue with the fact that the law would

After divorce or broken engagement who keeps the ring?

In this New Jersey Family Law Blog, we often discuss how property division is handled in divorce. However, we have not really written about what divorce or a broken engagement means for the item that started it all: the engagement ring. This tricky issue comes to mind after it was reported late last month that

Alimony reform shot down in Florida

New Jersey is one of a number of states where proponents of alimony law reform are holding aggressive campaigns. In New Jersey, like in these other states, members of the alimony reform movement are focused on outlawing lifetime spousal support and taking away some of the leeway that judges have in alimony disputes. Opponents argue

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