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February 2015 Archives

Sometimes our employment law cases have to go to trial

In our last post we wrote about how mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes may be used to resolve disputes privately between the parties. Sometimes, cases have to be tried in a court of law. The best approach depends on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. In this post, we will discuss

You Don’t Say! May NJ Employers Lawfully Reduce Employees’ Time Limits for Lawsuits?

Statutes of limitation restrict the time within which a plaintiff may initiate a legal proceeding. In general, once the statutory period has run, an individual loses the right to file a claim, regardless of its merits. A case that would be good today may become dead and “unbringable” by tomorrow. Proponents argue that without statutes

Thinking about a lawsuit? Been sued? You may want to consider mediation.

Most people believe that financial disputes need to be resolved in court. While there are of course situations where a trial is the best approach, this is not always the case. Mediation may be (and often is) a better fit. Our law firm has been active and involved in developing the field of mediation in

“What happens after the Complaint for Divorce is filed?”

Our clients always ask us, “What happens after the Complaint for Divorce is filed?” That is an important question, and it deserves a thoughtful response. We intend this blog post to be our comprehensive and “plain English” answer. Case Management Order Once we have served the other party with a Summons and Complaint for Divorce

Sexual harassment victims: Do you know what steps to take?

Too many people are forced to deal with sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. People in this position experience a variety of emotions from fear to anger to helplessness and confusion. They need to know how to handle these workplace insults, assaults, and retaliations. In this post we will provide some information regarding internal

With Alimony Reform Law, Garden State Turns Over a New Leaf

Few topics in the field of family law inspire as much heated debate as alimony reform, a phrase that refers to efforts to update the laws in various jurisdictions that entitle financially dependent spouses to post-divorce support payments. Alimony is often one of the final matters to be resolved in a divorce, along with asset

New Jersey Child Support: What does it cover? How do you calculate it?

For most parents in New Jersey and elsewhere, having children is the most satisfying part of life. Along with the joy children bring, they also bring great financial expense. While some may not regularly focus on these expenses, the expenses of raising children become front and center upon the parents’ separation and divorce. When determining

Didn’t get a prenup before marrying? Consider a postnup instead. Part 2 of 2

In Part I of this post, I described the wisdom and benefits of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. In Part 2, we will review a Case Study in Postnuptial Agreements and consider some important caveats and takeaways in the use of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. A POSTNUPTIAL CASE STUDY Some years ago, I worked with a young

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