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July 2015 Archives

Think men can’t be the victim of sexual harassment? Consider again.

When some people hear the term sexual harassment they automatically presume it pertains only to men harassing women. While it is true that men sexually harass women, men can be victims of sexual harassment. When it happens in the workplace, it is against the law. According to statistics provided by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity

EEOC to American Employers and Workers: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers sexual orientation

There are multiple factors that an employer cannot use as a basis to discriminate against employees. Among those things, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for one’s sex to be a basis. Recently, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provided clarification regarding what else falls under the umbrella of a sex

N.J. Supreme Court to Employers: “EVERYONE is protected by the whistleblower statute.”

New Jersey is an “at will” employment state, so it is possible for an employee to quit a job, or an employer to fire an employee, at any time without having to show cause. At the same time, employment laws protect employees from being fired for unlawful reasons. One of those unlawful reasons is retaliation

“What has the EEOC done for me lately?”

In multiple posts in the past, we have written about workers who take legal action against their employers as a result of unlawful discrimination in the workplace. If you work, at some point the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission could play an important role in your life. What is the EEOC? The EEOC is the

Alimony, Remarriage, Cohabitation, and Retirement Under New Jersey’s Alimony Reform Act: What’s at Stake?

Introduction While divorce may effectively sever the bonds of matrimony in almost every respect, child support payments and alimony frequently linger as a long-lasting financial connection that binds ex-spouses for years to come. New Jersey’s Alimony Reform Act, passed in September of 2014, and signed into law, has caused many divorced parties to wonder how

United Airlines’ recent approach to disabled workers’ rights does not fly . . .

While all people encounter challenges in their lives, those who are disabled face difficulties others cannot imagine. Fortunately, individuals with disabilities now have specific legal protections in the workplace. When a disabled person believes s/he is being discriminated against in the workplace, legal action may follow. A successful claim against United Airlines illustrates the point

“What if my ex-spouse and I seriously disagree post-divorce?” A mediator’s perspective.

Introduction Here in New Jersey, your divorce is finalized by a judge’s gold seal on your Final Judgment of Divorce. After that point, the settlement plans include paying and receiving alimony/child support, distribution of property, as well as your parenting time arrangements. Sometimes, agreements need to be adjusted to meet the real world. Remember, disagreements

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