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February 2016 Archives

10 Most FAQs (and answers) about NJ Child Custody & Child Support

There are so many question surrounding child custody, support, and the law. Who better to answer your inquiries than Hanan M. Isaacs, Esq., a NJ Supreme Court Certified Family Law Specialist? We put this post together through FAQs from many clients.

“How do I file a NJ Wage and Hour Claim?” Just read this!

What do you do when you believe you are the victim of wage theft, because your NJ employer:

  1. Has withheld minimum wages from you;
  2. Failed to pay you at overtime rates for work you performed over 40 hours in one week; or
  3. Improperly classified you as a salaried employee, “exempt” from overtime, when in fact you should be “non-exempt”?

In all such cases, your best, fastest, least expensive bet is to file a complaint with the NJ Department of Labor’s Division of Wage and Hour Compliance. http://lwd.dol.state.nj.us/labor/wagehour/wagehour_index.html

Determining Eligibility and Liability for Alimony in New Jersey

Support payments between divorcing spouses are among the biggest and most contentious issues. Those who may be obligated to pay alimony often contemplate the amount and duration of the hook dangling in front of them, while those eligible to receive alimony often wonder if the terms of support will sustain them in light of their drastically changing circumstances. Ideally, the parties will negotiate and settle on alimony and related support issues, rather than go to trial. Realistically, the court in many cases needs to step in to order support and enforce payment, especially after entry of the Final Judgment of Divorce.

Target, the Retailer Giant, Pays $2.8 MM Settlement to Job Applicants Screened Out by Discriminatory Test

It is unlawful for employers to discriminate against job applicants based on race and gender, among other factors. Despite this,unlawful screening activity takes place throughout the nation. Recently, retailer giant Target agreed to compensate some rejected job candidates who allege they were screened out disproportionately in the hiring process, due to their gender or race.

Post-Divorce and Out-of-New Jersey Relocation of Minor Children: A Dilemma in Search of a Cure

When New Jersey couples divorce, ex-spouses may feel grateful for their newfound freedom from the confines of an unhappy marriage. Among the choices divorced individuals make for themselves are career changes, major lifestyle shifts, and of course decisions about starting new relationships. That said, ex-spouses who share children face challenges when it comes to relocating themselves and their children to a different state.

Plaintiffs’ Case Law: Violations of Americans with Disabilities Act or Constructive Dismissal?

Decided legal cases offer guidance when it comes to an employer’s responsibility to accommodate a disabled employee’s reasonable request for help on the job. Many employers are not aware that it’s actually their duty to participate in the interactive process. An employer’s engagement with that request should begin as soon as an employee makes inquiry, or an employer sees or hears that an employee has a disability requiring workplace attention.

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