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June 2016 Archives

Does Anybody Truly Win in Divorce?

It is axiomatic in divorce litigation:  no one truly wins, and in fact each party may feel like a loser at the bitter end of a difficult process. While recognizing the reality that not every case may be settled to the satisfaction of both parties, many people would be shocked to learn that a well-negotiated,

OSHA Works With Industry Groups to Prevent Workplace Accidents

According to the United States Department of Labor’s enforcement agency, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), nearly 5,000 workers died in workplace accidents in 2014. To reduce this tragic human statistic, OSHA is collaborating with trade associations to make the workplace and workers safer. Recently, OSHA renewed its collaboration agreement with the Independent Electrical

When Parents in Poverty Challenge Termination of Their Parental Rights in New Jersey

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in and is considering a case likely to revise termination of parental rights and adoption cases in the Garden State. The case,  In the Matter of the Adoption of a Child by J.E.V. and D.G.V., involves a woman who found herself unable to provide financially for

A Co-worker is Served With a Restraining Order On Site: What’s Your Next Move?

The deejays had to hide for their lives. In light of Orlando and other invasions of what are supposed to be safe places, it is worth recalling that employers have a legal obligation to provide workers with a healthy and safe workplace. What, then, should employers do to prevent or mitigate workplace violence? For employers,

Five Challenges to Co-Parenting After N.J. Divorce and How to Cope

Parenting can be quite challenging, and maintaining healthy relationships during and after divorce can be difficult. While the courts may decide financial responsibilities and the division of parenting time, it is up to divorcing parents themselves to fill in the many blanks left by the court process and co-parent according to the best interests of

Employment Law: “Retaliation is Workers’ Number One National Complaint”

Each year the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  processes workers’ complaints filed against employers. EEOC’s most recent statistics show that retaliation is the number one worker complaint, numbering nearly half of all charges filed. The breakdown of 2015 worker complaints filed looked like this: • Retaliation: 39,757 (44.5% of all charges filed) • Race: 31,027

Johnny has Three Parents: Is that Even Possible in NJ?

There was a time in society when parentage was difficult to prove. With the benefit of DNA testing, paternity is easily and accurately determined in most cases.  Now, it is parentage itself that is subject to redefinition. A recent New Jersey case illuminates these changes and foreshadows a great deal more complexity. In the subject

Bathroom Law: New Workplace Battleground

In the spring of 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued important new guidelines for employers nationally, delineating requirements for gender identity and the use of workplace bathrooms. Since that statement went public, there has been a trend in many corporate offices to institute gender-neutral restrooms. In light

Post Divorce and NJ Teens: Who Pays for What?

Most divorce agreements now anticipate how college tuition and costs will be shared between the parents. If the agreement is silent on college tuition and costs, a Family Court Judge may still rule on the division of expenses. In addition to tuition, there are many other expenses parents may not have anticipated as their adolescent

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