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January 2017 Archives

N.J. Supreme Court to Whistleblowing State Trooper: Keep $500K of Jury’s Damages Award

The NJ Supreme Court has reinstated a partial jury verdict awarding a State Police sergeant half a million dollars over claims the statewide police force discriminated against him. The Justices’ action ends over 10 years of litigation for veteran trooper Brian Royster, who filed claims of civil rights violations and whistleblower retaliation against the NJ

NJ Courts Balance Parental Rights Against Children’s Needs for Defense Against Parental Wrongs

In the past 40 years and increasingly, both federal and state court decisions have recognized fundamental constitutional rights of parents to see, spend time with, and raise their children, without undue governmental interference. There are limits to that doctrine. New Jersey, as do many states, will assert a right of parens patriae — the government

NJ Appeals Court Says Muslim Corrections Officer Who Refused to Remove Her Religious Head Scarf Was Properly Dismissed

In a case of first impression in our state, a New Jersey appeals court has upheld a Muslim correctional officer’s dismissal for refusal to remove her religious head scarf at work. Tisby v. Camden County Correctional Facility, N.J. Appellate Division, 2016. The Appellate Division upheld the trial court’s entry of summary judgment, dismissing the county

“Why do I Need a College Support Agreement in NJ?”

Divorcing parents have many things to consider, and sometimes immediate needs take precedence over future planning. One area that should not be overlooked during a divorce is planning for college tuition, student fees, and all related expenses. While the couple is hammering out the terms of the divorce settlement, they are well advised to include

May a NJ Employer Lawfully Fire an Employee During or Shortly After a Family or Medical Leave?

Federal and New Jersey laws protect workers’ job rights when they take family or medical leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act (federal) and Family Leave Act (NJ) state that employees in the public or private sectors may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year for a number of reasons, including the

“What should I bring to the first meeting with my prospective NJ divorce lawyer?”

There is no one way to prepare for your first meeting with a prospective divorce lawyer.  Things may go well, but they will never be perfect.  Here are some things you can do, in advance, to assure that your first meeting goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible: First, come with an attitude of openness

Dealing with a Self-Representing Whistleblower: How Companies Can Move from Bad to Worse

An employee who draws attention to an illegal or unethical practice within their place of employment is known as a “whistleblower”. According to employment law statutes and cases, including New Jersey’s, an employer is prohibited from firing, demoting, or otherwise retaliating against an employee for actual or threatened whistleblowing activities, as long as the worker’s

Taking the Stress Out of the College Financial Aid Application Process

Parents of college-bound teens are often intimidated by the herculean task of paying for higher education. Truth be told, most students don’t pay the entire tuition; a large percentage of the student body receives some financial aid, from both the school and federal aid programs. Nevertheless, the complexity of applying for and being accepted to

Gender Bias, Employment, and Politics in the Wake of Workplace Scandals

Workplace scandals often hit women harder than they hit men, and this truism pervades both public and private sector employment. In recent news, former CIA director and retired military officer David Petraeus was under consideration for a place in the Trump cabinet, despite his involvement in a security breach scandal. Petraeus’s 2012 scandal national secrets

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