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For Child Support and Alimony Calculations, Can NJ Divorce Courts Impute More Income than Both Parties Actually Earn?

Calculations of child support and alimony payments are among the most frequently contested parts of any divorce. In simple cases, the lawyers and judges will look each spouse’s income and set support amounts based on current earnings, needs, and overnights with children. However, what happens if one or both of the parties may claim the

Essential Tax Advice for the Newly Divorced

As we enter the shank of the year, our thoughts turn to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, the New Year, and . . . taxes.  This is a good time to review essential divorce taxation. Introduction Divorcing couples often have to face a tangled web of chaos when dealing with their shared financial lives. This is

Want to Reduce or Eliminate Alimony? Proving NJ Cohabitation is Not so Easy

Alimony is a like one of those parking lots where you drive safely over protruding steel spikes, facing away from you, and the signs adjure in large letters: “DON’T BACK UP!!”  Why?  Entry is simple, but going backwards creates a very expensive exit and a need for at least two new tires. In Robitzski v.

Alimony, Remarriage, Cohabitation, and Retirement Under New Jersey’s Alimony Reform Act: What’s at Stake?

Introduction While divorce may effectively sever the bonds of matrimony in almost every respect, child support payments and alimony frequently linger as a long-lasting financial connection that binds ex-spouses for years to come. New Jersey’s Alimony Reform Act, passed in September of 2014, and signed into law, has caused many divorced parties to wonder how

With Alimony Reform Law, Garden State Turns Over a New Leaf

Few topics in the field of family law inspire as much heated debate as alimony reform, a phrase that refers to efforts to update the laws in various jurisdictions that entitle financially dependent spouses to post-divorce support payments. Alimony is often one of the final matters to be resolved in a divorce, along with asset

Guest Blog Post by Dr. Jennifer Gardella

I filed my own divorce – and here’s why you should not. If you have found your way to this post, first and foremost, I feel your pain. Whether you have been left by your significant other or are the one leaving your marriage, there is a death of a love, of a dream, and

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