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Does Your Video of the Ex Violate Final Restraining Order’s “No Communications” Provision?

The New Jersey Appellate Division has clarified the meaning of “no communications” orders in prevention of domestic violence final restraining orders (“FRO’s”).  In State v. D.G.M. , the trial court found the defendant violated his FRO by using a cellphone to record videos and photos of his ex, “Joan”, while attending their son’s soccer game.

Second Jersey Nuptials in the Catholic Church: “How do I Get an Annulment?”

The winds of recent change in the Catholic Church have stirred congregants’ faith about remarrying in the church. Remarriage after divorce has long been considered a sin under traditional Catholicism, unless one of the spouses has died or the marriage has been annulled. An annulment is effected through a court procedure that dissolves the marriage

Taking the Stress Out of the College Financial Aid Application Process

Parents of college-bound teens are often intimidated by the herculean task of paying for higher education. Truth be told, most students don’t pay the entire tuition; a large percentage of the student body receives some financial aid, from both the school and federal aid programs. Nevertheless, the complexity of applying for and being accepted to

Divorcing Better in the New Year

For many, divorce is a fact of life. It affects at least half of all married couples. Divorce can be messy and difficult, especially if there are children involved. The New Year is a good time to reevaluate your relationship with your divorce. This may seem like an odd concept, yet it has plenty of

“In Our NJ Divorce, I Get Half of Everything. Right???”

Identifying jointly acquired marital assets and debts, valuing them, and distributing them are part and parcel of almost every New Jersey divorce, including for people of modest means. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, meaning that the couple’s assets are distributed in a way that is fair, yet not necessarily equal. In some states,

Don’t Wait Another Day to Hire a Divorce Attorney? Here’s Why!

Divorce can present a high financial and emotional toll. Sometimes, a husband or wife has spent months or years planning to file for divorce, and the other spouse has been in the dark. This scenario gives the “early exiting” spouse the advantage of time – not just emotionally, but also in terms of appropriate divorce planning:

“In NJ, do we have to wait until the end of our divorce case to evaluate and distribute our retirement assets?”

In New Jersey, a divorcing couple is required to divide their jointly acquired marital assets and debts, and, for the most part, to divide them evenly. This includes assets —such as pension plans and 401k’s that one or both of the parties will receive upon retirement or the other party’s death. New Jersey is an

Putting Off the NJ Separation and Divorce Can Sometimes Hurt You

In an ideal world, a couple deciding to separate and divorce could work together to amicably and harmoniously achieve their social and financial goals. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. For most couples, even in a less than ideal situation, there are some things they can do to increase the chances of an uncontested divorce.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: May a NJ Divorcing Spouse Sue the Generous In-Laws for Family Support or Equitable Distribution?

Let’s revisit a 2005 divorce action, Idleman vs. Idleman, in which a wife sued her husband’s parents for family support.  Doug Idleman was seriously ill, too sick to work.  His parents generously supported the couple’s lavish lifestyle for the last two years of the marriage. They paid the mortgage on the parties’ $775,000 home in

“Why Should I Want a Divorce Coach?”

On the social science scale of stress, most adults report that divorce is the most stressful event of their lifetime, just short of death of a loved one. There are endless details to manage, as well as emotional challenges. If children are involved, things are endlessly messy from start to finish, and for years to

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