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Does Your Video of the Ex Violate Final Restraining Order’s “No Communications” Provision?

The New Jersey Appellate Division has clarified the meaning of “no communications” orders in prevention of domestic violence final restraining orders (“FRO’s”).  In State v. D.G.M. , the trial court found the defendant violated his FRO by using a cellphone to record videos and photos of his ex, “Joan”, while attending their son’s soccer game.

“What should I expect when seeking a Domestic Violence restraining order?”

It is no secret that not all adult relationships are good ones. Domestically violent relationships fall into the “not good” category. The New Jersey Legislature has declared that domestic violence is a public ill, not only for its victims, but also for children of the relationship, especially if they are witnesses to the violence. The

Commission to study domestic violence prevention

State Senator Raymond Lesniak recently amended his bill to create a Study Commission on Violence in New Jersey. Specifically, Lesniak worked with colleagues to revise the proposed focus of the Commission to include domestic violence. The hope is that the Commission will help to identify causes of domestic violence in the state and will develop

Study: Restraining orders help stop domestic violence

Many people in New Jersey might have heard that domestic abusers tend to become most violent soon after the victim leaves the relationship. In fact, violence does often escalate at this time. It can be absolutely crucial for victims to find and remain in a safe place during the hours and days that immediately follow

Domestic violence is on the rise in the wake of Sandy

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, many New Jersey residents are continuing to face a number of serious struggles. One of the challenges that has not been reported in the news media much is one which is taking place mainly behind closed doors. Domestic violence has reportedly been on the rise in New Jersey since

Domestic violence protections are strengthened

In New Jersey, victims of domestic violence are often wise to ask the court for a restraining order against the abuser. It is sometimes possible to attain a preliminary restraining order without even facing the abusive person. New Jersey law protects not only married spouses from domestic abuse, but also domestic partners, parents, children and

Domestic abuse allegations heard in criminal and divorce courts

Many divorce cases in New Jersey include allegations of domestic violence or domestic abuse. In some of these cases, the allegations are factual, but in others they are nothing more than false accusations designed to give the accuser the upper hand in a divorce settlement or child custody dispute. Because of this, it is very

New Jersey moves domestic violence police training online

Domestic violence unfortunately touches many lives here in New Jersey. In fact, according to Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa, more than 70,000 instances of domestic violence are reported every year in New Jersey. In order for police to respond effectively to domestic disturbances, the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 required every police officer

New Jersey Legislature drafts domestic violence testimony bill

Regrettably, there are quite a number of domestic violence incidents each year in New Jersey. For example, the Essex County Superior Court alone processes 4,500 cases. Some domestic violence cases arise from the emotional tumult that can accompany a divorce or the dissolution of a relationship. In other instances, spousal abuse is what precipitates the

New Jersey man faces domestic violence charges after break-in

The ending of a marriage or a dating relationship can cause emotional tension between the parties. Frustration and anger are not uncommon feelings, but what a party decides to do with those feelings is of great importance. Some former spouses and lovers regrettably translate those emotions into violent physical action, assaulting or intimidating the very

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