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“You’re Fired!!” Workplace Conduct Rules, Properly Applied, Trump Unlawful Disability Discrimination Claims

In April of 2013, Lisa Caporicci informed her manager at the Chipotle restaurant that she took prescription medication for treatment of bipolar disorder. She did not mention any side effects or other problems that could result from taking the medication. Then in May 2013, Lisa began taking new medication for panic attacks, but did not

Discrimination Lawsuit: Fired for a Disability He Didn’t Even Have

Discrimination for the mere perception of a disability, even if an employee does not in fact have it, can be enough to win a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the NJ Law Against Discrimination (LAD). A recent case involving the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against Plasma Biological Services, LLC,

Fired! A reasonable leave of absence request, even after a leave of absence is over, should not lead to job termination.

Life does not always go as planned. Workers sometimes realize, unexpectedly, that they are unable to do their jobs as a result of an injury or illness. While there are situations where such a disability will be permanent, other times workers may plan to return after taking a leave of absence to get a handle

Sometimes our employment law cases have to go to trial

In our last post we wrote about how mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes may be used to resolve disputes privately between the parties. Sometimes, cases have to be tried in a court of law. The best approach depends on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. In this post, we will discuss

Firm assessed punitive damages in wrongful termination case

When it comes to wrongful termination cases multiple factors will be taken into account in the determination of whether the termination of a job is wrongful. Accordingly, when filed, these cases can take some time to resolve. Recently a case involving two brokers and Goldman Sachs Group Inc was resolved. The case was filed in

Amended Whistleblower bill to expand NJ workers’ protections

Residents of New Jersey may be aware that our State has one of the strongest whistleblower laws in the nation. The Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) protects New Jersey employees from retaliation when they report illegal acts that are committed by either coworkers or their employers, or refuse to engage in those acts. Under CEPA,

Wrongful firing claims come in a variety of packages: Know your rights!!

The state of New Jersey is an “at will” employment state. This means that either an employee or employer can end the working relationship at any time without a good reason. While this means that an employer can fire an employee for a wide variety of reasons, there are some restrictions on when an employer

New Jersey whistle-blower wins wrongful termination lawsuit

Employees should not have to fear coming forward to report wrongdoing in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employees hesitate to stand up for their rights at work, or resist reporting illegal activities of their employers, because they think they might be fired for doing so. It is illegal here in New Jersey–by state law and federal

Settlement reached in Pohatcong Township wrongful termination suit

When a person sues his or her employer, or former employer, the employer often attempts to quickly settle the lawsuit out of court. This is because it is generally less expensive as well as less damaging to the employer’s reputation to avoid litigation. In some cases, it is very beneficial for the plaintiff as well

Pregnant woman fired for letting baby take ‘toll’ on her

While discrimination in employment is outlawed by both federal law and New Jersey state law, it still persists in many workplaces. One form of employment discrimination that remains a widespread problem throughout the country is that against pregnant women. In 1978, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

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