Amy Campo v. Michael Campo (2013)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our law firm represented Ms. Campo on cross-motions for post-judgment relief in which her ex-husband sought to remove the parties’ daughter, Emma, from public school and enroll her in parochial school in a nearby state.

Ms. Campo had parenting time with Emma every other weekend, every other holiday break, and summer vacations. The father was the parent of primary residence, where he resided with his new wife and their daughter.

Our firm filed Ms. Campo’s cross-motion asking the court to deny the father’s application to remove the child to the Hebrew academy; to deny the father’s request for counsel fees and costs; to compel the father to engage Ms. Campo as the joint custodial parent for Emma’s health, education, and welfare decisions; and for a more convenient parenting time schedule for Ms. Campo that started immediately after work on Fridays that lasted until Sunday evening, rather than late Friday evenings when the father “got around” to dropping off the daughter to Ms. Campo.

We succeeded on Ms. Campo’s cross-motion. The important victory for our client was that Emma could stay in the NJ grammar school with which she was familiar and be equidistant from both parents’ homes. The father was ordered to include Ms. Campo in all important decisions regarding Emma’s education, health, and wellbeing.

Ms. Campo came into our office as soon as she received the father’s motion papers, and we were able to quickly respond before the new school year began. It is important to see a lawyer as soon as possible in all matters that you may encounter, but especially when time is of the essence, such as with children and an upcoming school year.