Client Testimonials

Our firm represents individuals in legal matters including divorce, employment discrimination, and additional civil litigation. Attorney Hanan M. Isaacs also provides arbitration and mediation services for family law and commercial disputes.

This is what some of our clients have said about Hanan M. Isaacs...

Honest, knowledgeable, reassuring and straightforward communication

This situation left me with a lot of stress, questions and uncertainty. I  contacted a few law firms before I finally contacted Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C.. They were very prompt and professional. When I went to visit at their office for further consultation the atmosphere and the way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. After the meeting we mutually decided to work with each other and hired them for my case and have not had any regrets thus far. They contact me as needed and get back to me very quickly if I have any questions. Everything since then has been smooth and it’s great to have all that stress alleviated off my shoulders.


Excellent, Knowledgeable, Caring Attorney

During a particularly rough patch in my life, I needed an attorney that was effective and strong in family law matters. Misty listened to my story, then brilliantly and quickly outlined my options while walking me through the process from start to finish. She made me feel like I was not alone and that she and her team would be there for me step by step. If I ever find myself in need of an attorney in the future, I will definitely contact Misty again.

– Joe

Brilliant, Knowledgeable, Compassionate

I can’t say enough about Hanan. A little over a year ago, my life changed for the worse. I was falsely accused, and charged with pretty serious issues. I interviewed several attorneys, and Hanan was the last appointment that day. I was absolutely devastated at some of the advice I had received earlier in the day and was expecting to hear more of the same. I explained the accusations to him and he listened with empathy and got right on the phone and started working on my case before I even signed a retainer agreement. He has continued to do just that. Hanan was very understanding and never once made me feel like this was just another case. He made me feel like this was just as important to him as it was to me. This situation has been a life changing event for my family and me. I’m confident that this matter will be resolved soon. I would not trust my life to anyone else but Hanan and his team. He was exactly what I needed, a fierce yet compassionate negotiator and trial counsel.

– Cindy

Dear Hanan,

I am writing to thank you for the work of yourself and your office in facilitating my divorce. You and Keith Hofmann both worked through the complexities of the divorce in a professional, personable and highly effective manner, and the advice you provided along the way was invaluable. It was a pleasure to work with you and your office staff.

– Karen

Dear Hanan,

Here is a small token of my appreciation for all the hard work and compassion you gave me during my divorce.

I’m so glad you were in my corner. You are an excellent advocate. I really felt that you “got” me and my situation and did everything possible to make the best of a bad situation.

– Greg

I highly recommend your law firm. If I did not take aggressive action [through you], I would most likely be out of a job . . . after the employer’s initial letter of retaliation. People of color cannot live in fear of racism. If I have a problem, you will be the first to know about it. Thank you for empowering me!!

– Billy

Today I’m writing to thank Mr. Isaacs for taking the time to call [my government employer] and let them know he was backing me up. Throughout the grievance process, [the Agency] knew that I had someone behind me. Thank you for the encouragement and important information I received from your Law Office. I will recommend you to anyone. Please accept the credit for my success.

– Angelica

Dear Hanan,

I write to thank you for your legal services that proved so valuable to me in resolving an issue with my employer. I am a senior manager with 25 years’ experience in my company. My employer recently, abruptly, and for no stated reason cut back my working hours, resulting in a loss of 25% of my income and benefits. I was the only person in my large unit to be so treated, and I concluded it was due to my age and seniority.

Your legal advice and guidance helped me through a stressful two-month period, and the outcome was very positive for me. After I sent management the no-nonsense letter you drafted for me, my employer “changed its mind” and restored me to full-time employee status, at full salary and benefits.

Simply stated, I could not have succeeded without your help. Thank you for your assistance and professionalism.


– Amanda

Admittedly, the thought of needing legal counsel was overwhelming. Upon entering Hanan Isaacs’ law office, my fears were immediately placed at ease by his polite staff. The staff were attentive, sharp, and apparently stellar. This was my first impression.

To add to my comfort, Mr. Isaacs’ professionalism, knowledge, and warmth was radiant. He gave honest legal advice, was focused, and made clear recommendations in understandable terms. He went above-and-beyond for me. I highly recommend.

– Jasmine

Dear Hanan,
Thank you for your help in getting me through my divorce.
Your wise guidance enabled me to keep my sanity, and I really appreciated the fact that you were always there for me. You also enabled me to keep things in perspective when, at times, I just wanted to pursue the matter in court. (I’m glad I listened to you!)

– Blaine

To Whom It May Concern,
I sought Mr. Isaacs’s help with an employment matter that involved harassment and age discrimination at my workplace from my supervisor. Mr. Isaacs and his staff were professional, courteous, and easy to work with. They were very knowledgeable on the law, and did not hold back when it was time to do battle. With Mr. Isaacs’s help, I was able to win back my position, and my employer fired the harassing supervisor. I could not have done it without their help. I highly recommend them to anyone with an employment problem.

– Nick D.

The first time you seriously need an attorney is scary. How do you find “a good one”? What makes a “good” one? I called 2 experienced attorney friends, got 2 references, met with both and chose one, hands down: Hanan M. Isaacs, Esq., just north of Princeton in Kingston, NJ, who proved to be a real gift in the midst of my misery.

Mr. Isaacs is a Trial Attorney, Arbitrator and Mediator as well as a Supreme Court Certified Matrimonial Law Specialist. I needed help in this last category. Compassionate counsel and tough advocacy are Isaac’s tools and his small, highly focused team works like a well-oiled machine. Whoever picks up the phone can usually answer any question you ask.

I met Hanan and his team in January, made 2 or 3 additional visits to the office and a couple of phone calls. By early July, Hanan had resoundingly resolved the case in our favor and gave me some helpful advice for moving forward: don’t negotiate with bullies. Aahh! Duh.

Hanan is straightforward and warm, speaks English not jargon, is generous with his knowledge and comfortable sharing his personal perspective when appropriate. I found his fees to be in line with the work accomplished. I would work with Hanan again and have no reservations about recommending him in the future.

– Jeanne G.


I just wanted to say thank you again to you, and your entire office of great people, for all you’ve done for me and my family.
You all made what seemed like an insurmountable task seem relatively easy.
You allowed the little guy to hit back for a company’s blatant disregard of the law and the perpetration of what is, at the very least, shady business practices.
You listened to me when other lawyers would not even return my phone calls.
You guided me and helped me check my emotions at the door.
You showed me and my family that we were not alone.
You allowed me to witness a great show; putting a certain person who was used to being in an unquestioned position of authority in the hotseat during a deposition.
You allowed me to feel that justice was served.
For all of these things, THANK YOU!!!!

– William

Highly recommended

Mr. Isaacs and his team gave me the faith to believe that I was not in the wrong and kept me grounded during my whole ordeal. I don’t know what I would have done without the team supporting me and my “Moral Victory”, as Hanan himself described it.

Thank you Hanan, Keith, Misty, Brian and JoAnne for everything!

– Kristina

Post Judgment of Divorce Matter

I cannot say enough about the help Mr. Isaacs and his team have provided to me. I am most impressed by the ease with which Mr. Isaacs is able to give guidance and create a plan of action….something that, at a difficult time, is hard to do on one’s own without help. Each of Mr. Isaacs’s associates has been professional and knowledgeable, yet empathetic. I truly feel as though I now have the legal support to make necessary positive changes. I only wish Mr. Isaacs and his team had been recommended to me sooner! To the entire law firm, thank you for your time and your energy. Thank you all for asking questions, identifying my needs, and offering me perspective and guidance. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to regain my confidence and focus.

– Amanda J.

Hostile Work Environment and Wrongful Discharge Case

In my case, and when I needed legal help in the Princeton, NJ area, I found Hanan Isaacs to be everything I needed in a legal professional. He immediately established an air of trust and authority and I found him easy to work with. He put me at my ease while the world felt as if it was falling apart around me, something that for me was a HUGE asset. I found him to be detail focused and sympathetic. He listened without interrupting and he gave me solid advice. Hanan Isaacs is by FAR the best at what he does that I’ve encountered, and I found him personable and easy to talk to. His straightforward approach gave me considerable hope when I’d been given every indication that there was none. And when he made calls on my behalf, the people he called took notice and took action. His staff were polite, understanding, and the epitome of professionalism. I found his fees to be fair and reasonable. I’d work with him again and I’ve already referred a former colleague to him for mediation services.

– Gary B.

Divorce is a messy situation that can get the worst out of anyone involved. With Hanan and his team on your side, you will cross this stormy water to a realistic, fair, humane solution rather than sink in misery and legal bills. And most important of all: Hanan always remembers that the well-being of the children is above everything else.

– Natasha S.

Mr. Isaacs represented my wife (this was our first interaction with a lawyer ). I was very nervous as the court date got closer, but in speaking and meeting with Hanan, I was immediately set at ease. He was confident, knowledgeable, and helpful. The day of the trial Hanan arrived prepared and offered support throughout various stages of the proceeding. I truly felt as though he was in control and that my wife and I were in excellent care. He got us an outstanding result at trial, for which we are very grateful.

– Kevin

As expected, the spring Advanced Civil Mediation Training session at the Imperia on Saturday was a great event.

Special thanks to Nick Stevens for coordinating the program. Kudos to Nick and fellow presenters Hanan Isaacs, Laura Kaster, Julie Denny and Bruce Waltuck for their thought-provoking topics.

It was a very worthwhile day. Thanks to all who made it so.

Best regards,

– Bob

Outstanding Legal Support

I was falsely accused of being domestically abusive. My ex-girlfriend complained that I did a series of bad acts, but her claim was totally distorted from reality. Hanan was able to dissect her fable on cross examination and the trial judge threw out my ex’s claim without even hearing my testimony. He did such an effective job for me. Hanan told me later that judges almost never throw a matter out after the plaintiff’s testimony alone. Hanan’s cross examination showed that my ex-girlfriend had fabricated other stories that got other people in serious trouble, including with DYFS. I lived under this nightmare for four months. I am now a free and a happy man thanks to Hanan Isaacs and his stellar staff.

– Sidney J.

Post Judgment Divorce Matter


When you called to share the good news with me, on many levels I was numb….  I didn’t want you to misinterpret my “lack of reaction”.  Thank you so very much for your conviction, strength and work ethic.  Thank you so very much for all the hard work of your staff.  The congratulations really goes to YOU.  WE stood up for my daughter.

And I am grateful for a system that works because there are lawyers like you.

– Jane

I was in a two year legal battle with an ex-business partner. My attorney of many years was dismissed from the case at the eleventh hour due to a conflict of interest. My attorney then recommended that I consider retaining Hanan Isaacs, as he is one of the best litigators in the business. He was right. I was amazed that within a matter of days Mr. Isaacs knew my case inside and out. He analyzed my risk of trial vs. settlement and provided me with sound, reassuring advice. After two months, my case was settled in binding arbitration and I was able to focus my full time and attention to my business. My original attorney was spot on when recommending Mr. Isaacs as one of the best litigators in the industry. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone needing this type of counsel.

– Don V.

It takes a combination of intellect, wit, intuitiveness, passion and integrity to wade through and present a complex case to the Court in a simple and direct way, help the Judge understand the facts — and win the case. When I filed for divorce, my [ex]wife went to great lengths to retaliate, financially and emotionally- including extreme efforts to alienate my children from me. She was successful for years, and my attorney at the time could do nothing to change this tide. Hanan was recommended to me by another divorced parent… Once Hanan became involved as my attorney, the tide changed. Now, I have a fabulous relationship with my children and the financial nightmare is over. Not only do I consider Hanan an exceptional attorney, but also a faults advisor and a friend.

– Steve Z.

Thank You Hanan M Isaacs for a job well done!

Dear Hanan,

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to your staff and you for working so hard to win my unemployment benefits appeal. Your skill in “compassion and tough advocacy” was very much appreciated. This was a very sensitive and stressful time for me. You spent quality time with me and I never felt rushed. You also listened to all the fine details in my case which ultimately you won for me. Hanan, you are an excellent listener, and a fine attorney and human being.

Very sincerely,


I have worked for the Federal Government for approximately 24 years, and had never had conflicts with anyone. In fact I was one of only a few select “experts” in my field. I dedicated my life to public service and was proud to represent my country as an employee in a critical safety area that involved the flying public. An incident occurred that put me and my first level manager into a conflict and from that moment forward he decided to retaliate against me. I contacted Hanan Isaacs in 2009 for advice on how to proceed with hostile work environment issues and for representation when I was ultimately terminated from my employer for a conflict of interest claim. From the first time I had met Hanan I could tell he was a true professional and committed to helping me. We spent many hours discussing my situation and Hanan was there every step of the way to act as my advocate. My termination invoked a grievance against the Federal Government which ultimately led to an arbitration and 9 days of hearings, During the hearings Hanan testified to what he had personally witnessed as part of the investigation with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and to how an investigation is supposed to look at factual evidence prior to reaching a conclusion. When Hanan testified it became obvious that his many years of experience as a seasoned attorney added the most value to my hearing and ultimately my winning the case. It was this testimony that made the unobvious to so many in the Federal Government become a matter of fact. I strongly believe that this was a major contribution to winning my case. Bad things happen to good people every day. I would not wish what I had to go through on anyone. However I still believe that anyone who believes strongly in their convictions when events like what I had to endure are worth fighting, even if it is the Federal Government and the odds are stacked against you. Having an attorney like Hanan made all the difference in the world.


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