New Jersey Alimony Attorney

Spousal Support Attorney

New Jersey family law does not automatically provide for alimony in every divorce. Rather, the court awards spousal support based on its perception of fairness. If you seek alimony, or your spouse or civil partner has petitioned for support during divorce proceedings, bear in mind that the issues involved are not black and white. It is extremely important to seek the advice of a lawyer with extensive experience in complex divorce settlements in order to protect your financial interests.

Our success in cases involving alimony disputes is the result of our lawyers’ tenacity and skill at the negotiating table, in the mediator’s or arbitrator’s conference room, or in the courtroom. It is based upon our thorough preparation and careful analysis of the financial and legal issues involved. It is also based upon our clients’ and our joint perception of the human factors involved. We bring to bear in these situations the time and talents of experts in the fields of law, finance, and psychology, to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Issues That Affect Alimony

Alimony is determined at the time of final dissolution of the marriage or civil union. Modifications may be requested post-dissolution based upon substantial changed financial circumstances of one or both of the parties. In all such cases, our attorneys conduct the amount of discovery that is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances, to develop a clear lifestyle analysis, reflecting not only the historic lifestyle of the relationship, but also the anticipated post-separation or dissolution lifestyle, including a comparison of one party’s post-dissolution lifestyle to the other. We are looking to establish fairness between the parties, in the eyes of the law, the community, the parties’ children, but most importantly, in our clients’ eyes. In negotiated, mediated, arbitrated, or litigated matters, we will bring in certified public accountants, appraisers, and other financial experts to assure our client, the mediator, arbitrator, or trial judge that our client’s position is financial justified, objective, and fair. Our goal is to assist the client in gaining an efficient resolution while protecting our client’s long-term best interests.

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