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The law requires that both parents contribute to a child’s support. For middle income couples, child support is calculated under the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines (CSG’s), using a formula that considers both parents’ incomes, tax withholdings, percentage of time the child spends overnight at each home, medical insurance premiums for the child, and employment-related day care. In a case where the parents’ combined after-tax income exceeds $187,200 (as of 2007), the family court determines the additional child support due, based on 10 statutory factors that bear on fairness. The parties, their legal counsel, a mediator, or an arbitrator will look at exactly the same factors in coming up with a fair settlement determination or award in the case.

The role of a lawyer in child support proceedings

If your and your spouse’s combined income falls within the CSG range, it is important to have a lawyer review the petition to see that the figures used to arrive at the child support order are accurate, and to ensure that the court considers any special factors. If there are special factors, or your combined income exceeds the CSG maximum, your case may become more complicated.

Avoid wasting the college fund on legal fees

If you and your child’s other parent are engaged in a dispute about payments for private school or college tuition, summer camp, a car for your child’s use or another expense, our attorneys will work to help you control legal costs during child support proceedings. By coming to agreement on some or all disputed points before going to court, you can preserve assets that ultimately may benefit your child. We may recommend that you take advantage of mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution. These are private, collaborative and economical processes that can be remarkably successful. However, our lawyers have demonstrated repeatedly that we are well prepared to take cases to court when it is in our clients’ and their children’s best interests to do so.

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Postjudgment modification and enforcement

If one parent’s income has substantially changed, or the child’s needs have changed significantly since the court’s entry of an order for child support, the court will consider a petition for modification of the order. (This process is also required of a parent planning a relocation not authorized by the child custody agreement.) Our attorneys regularly represent parents in post-judgment modification proceedings, and assist them with enforcement or modification of awards. In appropriate cases, our attorneys also defend clients against modification petitions filed by the other parent.

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