Ending Parenting Alienation

Divorce tends to be rife with conflict and filled with emotional upheaval. Sometimes it is difficult for a parent to keep that pain, anger and stress from spilling over into his or her children’s lives. In the worst situations, one parent will intentionally damage or virtually eliminate the children’s relationships with the other parent. This is often called parental alienation.At the Kingston law firm of Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., we are here to help you stop the destruction and repair the damage. Our team of attorneys has in-depth experience in child custody cases and related family law matters throughout New Jersey. In fact, we have been representing parents in sensitive and hotly contested cases for more than 35 years. To learn more about our experience or to arrange a consultation, call 609-683-7400 today.

Potential Signs and Symptoms of Alienation

Most social workers and child development experts agree that children are best positioned for success when they are allowed to have strong, healthy relationships with both parents. When a mother’s or father’s fear, jealousy or other emotions get in the way and those emotions are directed at wounding or ending the relationship between the other parent and the children, it can be extremely damaging to the children.

Warning signs of alienation include when a parent:

  • Refuses to let the children visit with the other parent, even during scheduled parenting times
  • Continuously tells the children what a terrible person the other parent is and how much wrong he or she did
  • Attempts to relocate with the children out of state without the other parent’s or the court’s permission
  • Forbids the children to call or email or text the other parent, even at reasonable hours
  • Makes the children feel guilty or disloyal for enjoying the other parent’s company
  • Refuses to provide the other parent with important information about the children’s medical treatment, education or other issues

Developing a Customized Approach to Address the Problem

Our lawyers have access to other professionals in an array of fields, including child psychology, mediation, arbitration, family therapy, parenting coordination and others. Whether we are coaching clients in preparation for mediation, calling on psychological experts to perform independent evaluations, or advocating before an arbitrator or judge to change custody orders, we never lose focus of our client’s goals.

We base our approach on our client’s needs, the children’s needs, the urgency of the current situation, and the potential for future emotional damage. We are prepared to develop strong, individualized strategies for ending the alienation of children from parents and to put them on the path to restored relationships.

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