New Jersey Same-Sex Divorce Attorney

Ending a same-sex marriage or civil union can be just as difficult as any divorce in New Jersey. All of the same issues such as custody and property division can arise. If you are in a same-sex couple and seeking to end your relationship, speak with a knowledgeable attorney at Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C.Located in Kingston, New Jersey, our lawyers know how to serve the best interests of our clients going through a same-sex divorce. Contact us online or call our family law office at 609-683-7400 to schedule your initial consultation.

Guidance Through Same-Sex Divorce

Whether you are involved in a same-sex marriage, civil union or domestic partnership, ending your relationship involves many complex issues. At our firm, we have a proven track record of reaching sound resolutions to our clients’ problems, including those involving:

Planning Ahead To Avoid Complications

Just like most things in life, it is easier to plan ahead rather than react to complications. By consulting with our skilled attorneys prior to your divorce, we will be able to explain your options and the ramifications of them. We can even guide you through mediation if that is a better solution for you.

If you have already started your divorce and need help with specific issues that have spiraled out of control, we can assist there as well. You can feel confident knowing a skilled litigator is in your corner, protecting your rights.

Contact a Lawyer Regarding Same-Sex Divorce

For more information regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender divorce, contact our law firm based in Kingston, NJ. We have the experience to help all members of the LGBT community to meet their family law goals.

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