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Unfortunately, we live in a society where domestic violence touches many lives. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence encompasses far more than physical harm. In the eyes of the law, emotional and psychological abuse is considered just as significant as broken bones, black eyes and bruises.

New Jersey law protects domestic partners, those in dating relationships, parents and children from domestic violence through orders of protection, also known as restraining orders. While these documents are invaluable for victims of domestic violence, what if the tables are turned? What if the victim makes false accusations of domestic abuse?

At Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., our Princeton domestic violence lawyers represent victims of abuse as well as those who have been falsely accused. No matter the situation, it is our primary objective to help you protect yourself and your rights. To speak with an experienced attorney at our law office, please contact us at 609-683-7400 toll-free.

Protecting the Vulnerable

If you are the victim of domestic violence in Princeton or elsewhere in the state, you need to take immediate legal action to protect yourself from further harm. As your dedicated advocates, we can help you secure a preliminary restraining order without having to face the abusive party. A final hearing will be set to determine if the order should be permanent.

Defense for the Wrongfully Accused

False accusations of domestic violence arise often during divorce proceedings. One partner may accuse the other of abuse in an attempt to influence court decisions regarding child custody and parenting time.

“I am now a free and a happy man thanks to Hanan Isaacs and his stellar staff.” – Sidney J.

Not only can accusations of domestic violence lead to criminal charges, but the courts generally presume someone accused of these acts should not have legal or physical custody of children. We provide a strong defense against false accusations, working to protect your reputation and your legal rights.

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Our firm assists clients with domestic violence issues and all related matters, including:

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