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When a family is willing to discuss resolutions for divorce and custody, they are often able to save time and avoid expensive litigation. With experienced lawyers to guide them, many families are able to resolve family law cases via alternative dispute resolution (ADR).ADR is a valuable tool for settling many family law disputes. It is more flexible and relaxed than a trial, allowing the parties to create their own solutions. People who use ADR are often able to resolve issues without the need for contentious litigation. Attorney Hanan M. Isaacs has more than 35 years of experience with mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. He is an ADR practitioner, trainer and consultant. For a consultation with a central New Jersey divorce mediation attorney, please call 609-683-7400.

“Compassionate counsel and tough advocacy are Isaac’s tools and his small, highly focused team works like a well-oiled machine.” – Jeanne G.

Mediation, Arbitration And Collaborative Law

In mediation, the parties and their attorneys discuss the case under the supervision of a mediator. Mediators are neutral parties; they do not have authority to make decisions in the case. They work to help the parties reach an agreement via discussion and negotiation. We can represent you at mediation as your attorney. In addition, we can act as mediators at another lawyer’s request. We cannot, however, be your mediator and lawyer simultaneously.

In arbitration, the parties agree to let an arbitrator decide the outcome of the case. The arbitrator’s role is similar to that of a judge. Arbitrators review evidence and hear statements from each party. The lawyers for each party then present a summary of the evidence. After analyzing the evidence, the arbitrator makes a legally binding decision.

For collaborative divorce, each party retains a lawyer and signs an agreement stating that they will resolve all issues and reach a negotiated settlement. If they are unable to do so, the attorneys must withdraw and the couple will go to trial with new attorneys. Because the couple will need to spend additional time and money hiring new lawyers and going to trial if the collaboration fails, there is incentive to work together productively.

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