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An allegation of employee misconduct may result in a formal disciplinary action such as temporary suspension, demotion, loss of seniority, or a written warning or termination. Even if no formal disciplinary action is taken, an unfounded accusation may constitute a defamatory statement. In either instance, it can have a devastating impact on the employee’s career and lead to serious economic losses.

Protect Your Rights As An Employee

If you have been accused of misconduct, it can feel as though you are completely at the mercy of your supervisor — a supervisor who can cause lasting damage to your career. Improper disciplinary actions can limit your ability to gain a promotion or transfer, make it more difficult to find employment elsewhere and damage the relationships you have with your co-workers. Our law firm can help you set the record straight.

At Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C. in Kingston, our attorneys are strong advocates for employee’s rights. We represent union and nonunion workers in administrative hearings and appeals of disciplinary actions, including representation during the fact-finding and penalty phases of the process. We also handle employment lawsuits for wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment. Our lawyers are prepared to handle cases brought in New Jersey and federal courts and administrative proceedings, including those involving the following allegations:

  • Misuse of funds
  • Excessive use of force by law enforcement and corrections officers
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Substance abuse
  • Falsification of records
  • Violations of rules
  • Work-related criminal violations
  • Insubordination
  • Sexual, verbal and physical harassment of others
  • Poor work performance
  • Violations of confidentiality

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Protection From Whistleblower Retaliation

In some cases, accusations of employee misconduct come in the wake of a whistleblowing action. If you have blown the whistle on employer misconduct, and now you have been accused of wrongful actions yourself, you could be the victim of retaliation.

Employees have a right to be protected from wrongful termination and other negative consequences after blowing the whistle. All too often, however, employers still take action against workers by exaggerating perceived misdeeds or applying unusually harsh penalties.

Our law firm can protect you from this behavior. Our attorneys take a personal approach to law. When you contact our firm, we will work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of the challenges you face. Then, we will develop a customized legal strategy designed to help you resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our goal is not only to resolve your problem favorably, but cost-effectively as well. Our attorneys are skilled in many alternative dispute resolution techniques that can offer a faster process with fewer legal fees. Alternative dispute resolution techniques allow both employer and employee to engage in a less acrimonious legal process, helping both maintain a friendlier relationship after the process is complete.

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