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All employees (federal, state, and local civil service and private sector employees) are protected from discrimination in the workplace when such discrimination is based on their race, color, national origin, age, religion, gender, disability or genetic information. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing these laws.

Federal government employees must use the EEOC claims process, at least initially. New Jersey state, local, or private sector employees may start with the EEOC claims process, depending on the facts of their case. Or, for strategic reasons and with the advice of legal counsel, they may start out filing a state court action.

At Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., we represent employees in the EEOC claims process. You can rely on our experience with a wide range of employment law claims for public and private sector employees in New Jersey. To arrange a consultation with a Somerset County EEOC complaint attorney, please call 609-683-7400.

We Are Your Advocate With The EEOC

We represent workers who have EEOC claims involving:

  • Employment discrimination: Employees have a right to be free from discrimination in the workplace. Our employment law attorneys can help you protect this right.
  • Disability accommodations: If you have suffered a disability, your employer has an obligation to make reasonable accommodations for you.
  • Sexual harassment: No one should have to suffer sexual harassment in the workplace. If you have been the victim of unwanted comments or actions, we can help.
  • Retaliation: It is all too common for employers to retaliate against workers who have blown the whistle on corporate misdeeds. Our attorneys will protect you from illegal termination or discipline.

We will file a charge with the regional EEOC office if you have not already done so. Filing the claim will generate a response from your employer, which may allow us to begin negotiations.

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many EEOC claims are resolved via negotiation or employment law alternative dispute resolution (ADR), problem-solving techniques that have a number of advantages over traditional litigation. ADR allows both employer and employee to resolve issues much more quickly than litigation. These time savings also lead to substantially lower legal fees.

Alternative dispute resolution is also less confrontational than litigation. Both parties are encouraged to avoid direct conflict and work through their problems with honesty and respect. This type of proceeding can be very beneficial to workers, as it helps promote a cordial relationship between employer and employee.

An Experienced Employment Law Attorney

If you are seeking alternative dispute resolution for your EEOC claim, our law firm is ready to help. Attorney Hanan M. Isaacs is a leader in the local ADR community, with more than 35 years of dispute resolution experience. He is a skilled negotiator who will firmly advocate for your rights throughout the process.

If the dispute cannot be resolved during the EEOC’s administrative process, your case may proceed to federal court. If you are facing an EEOC issue in federal court, our attorneys are prepared to help there, as well. We are experienced trial lawyers who will actively seek out a result that suits your best interests.

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