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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is frequently used in employment law disputes. Employers often put arbitration clauses in their employee agreements and/or handbooks. If you are involved in a dispute with your employer, you should be represented by a lawyer at ADR proceedings. Your employer will have representation, putting you at a disadvantage if you try to represent yourself.

Attorney Hanan M. Isaacs has been a mediator and arbitrator for 34 years. He knows how these proceedings work and what mediators and arbitrators want to see from each side. You can rely on his knowledge and experience, no matter how complex your case. To arrange a consultation with a Somerset County employment mediation attorney, please call Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., at 609-751-5557 or 866-959-3786.

“When I needed legal help in the Princeton, NJ area, I found Hanan Isaacs to be everything I needed in a legal professional.” – Gary B.

Experienced Representation In ADR

Employment law ADR usually starts with negotiations with the opposition (your employer) at mediation. We negotiate for clients at mediation, positioning them for a good resolution. In mediation, the parties and their lawyers discuss the case while the mediator supervises. Mediators are neutral parties and do not have authority to make decisions about the dispute. Their role is to help the parties reach an agreement.

Depending on the case, the parties may go to arbitration before a private judge/arbitrator if mediation does not produce results. Arbitrators review evidence and hear statements from each party. The lawyers for each party will also present summaries of the evidence. The arbitrator’s job is to review the evidence and make a legally binding decision.

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