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Have you been replaced by a younger employee who is less qualified? Federal and state laws prohibit employment discrimination based on a person’s age. If you have been discriminated against in any part of the employment process on the basis of age (40 or older), you may have a claim against your employer.

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Employers May Not Treat You Differently Because Of Your Age

Age discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. Employees aged 40 and older are protected from unfair personnel practices based on their age, including hiring, firing, compensation, training and promotion. Older employees may experience discriminatory actions such as:

  • Denied promotions or raises
  • Refused job training and development
  • Being forced to take early retirement
  • Replaced by younger, inexperienced employees with lower salaries
  • Not being hired because the company wants a youthful image

In addition, continual harassment based on age may be considered discrimination if it is bad enough to prevent the employee from doing his or her job. This would be considered a hostile work environment.

We can help you at any point in the claims process, including advising you during the administrative portion of your employer’s grievance process. It can be beneficial to have a lawyer represent you at hearings with your employer and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). We can also pursue the claim in federal court if the case progresses to that stage.

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