Central New Jersey LGBT Discrimination Lawyers

Discrimination in the workplace is wrong. Period. Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community often experience an entirely different type of discrimination than other people, unfortunately, due to others’ pure lack of understanding. This can come in the form of subtle differences in negotiations to more blatant acts, such as being fired for who you are. At Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., our Kingston attorneys fight to protect your rights.

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“I was very nervous as the court date got closer, but in speaking and meeting with Hanan, I was immediately set at ease. He was confident, knowledgeable and helpful.” – Kevin

Defending You When Discrimination Occurs In New Jersey

Our experience with all types of employment discrimination matters allows us to resolve any issue that can arise, including:

  • Discrimination based on sexual preference
  • Identity expression discrimination
  • Gender expression discrimination
  • Sex stereotyping
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) issues
  • Retaliation

Standing Up For Your Rights Against Emotional And Economic Discrimination

Whether you are a job applicant or an employee, you have rights that need to be protected. If an employer has caused you to suffer emotionally or economically, you have a right to compensation for its wrongdoing. At our firm, we have a proven track record of assisting individuals in the employment law arena, and we know how to protect the best interests of those in the LGBT community.

Experienced Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys

As your attorneys, our goal is to help you resolve your LGBT discrimination case in the way that most benefits you. Many of our clients choose to pursue alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a set of legal practices that focuses on collaboration and discussion rather than confrontation.

ADR brings a number of advantages to employees. In general, ADR is faster than litigation, which allows both parties to get closure and move on more quickly. Those time savings also equal substantial cost savings, as clients will generally pay much less in legal fees.

Many employees prefer ADR because it is nonconfrontational. This helps employees maintain a more cordial and respectful relationship with their employer after the legal process is over.

Effective Representation For Victims Of Workplace Discrimination

Backed by more than 35 years of experience, attorney Hanan Isaacs is a leader in ADR in New Jersey. Among his many awards and achievements, he has been named a Legend of Alternative Dispute Resolution by the New Jersey State Bar Association. No matter how challenging your case seems, attorney Isaacs is prepared to help you achieve an effective resolution.

Of course, ADR is not for everyone. If your case would be better served by a litigated solution, our experienced employment law attorneys are ready to provide effective legal support. We will protect your rights and interests throughout the litigation process, passionately pursuing the best possible solution to your case.

Contact A Discrimination Attorney

For more information regarding your options after suffering from LGBT discrimination in the workplace, contact Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., online or call 609-683-7400.

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