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Everyone is entitled to work in a non-hostile environment. In fact, there are state and federal laws in place that expressly prohibit sexual harassment or sexual discrimination. Unfortunately, there are employers and employees who make the conscious decision to disregard these legal protections and subject an employee or co-worker to a hostile work environment.

Sexual harassment is one of the most complicated areas of employment law. It is a sensitive topic and victims often feel embarrassed talking about situations that never should have occurred.

At Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., in Kingston, New Jersey, our lawyers provide our clients with the tough advocacy they need while always remaining sensitive to their feelings.

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“Hanan is straightforward and warm, speaks English not jargon, is generous with his knowledge and comfortable sharing his personal perspective when appropriate.” – Jeanne G.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a form of illegal workplace discrimination. There are two basic forms – quid pro quo and hostile work environment.

The form of sexual harassment known as quid pro quo occurs when a supervisor or other superior requests sexual favors from an employee. To coerce an employee into accepting this unwelcome sexual behavior, the person in a position of power may offer advancement opportunities or threaten the employee’s position.

Sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment involves an employer, manager or fellow employee doing or saying things that make you uncomfortable because of your sex. This can include:

  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Sexually-oriented physical conduct
  • Constant, inappropriate remarks
  • Exposure to explicit and/or offensive material

These actions can interfere with your work performance or make you feel uncomfortable, creating a hostile work environment.

Holding Responsible Parties Fully Accountable

If you feel that you have been victimized by sexual harassment, your first step is to complain to your employer. If the situation goes unresolved, you may wish to contact our experienced employment law attorneys. If your case goes to administrative proceedings or court, whether state or federal, we will help you get compensation. You will need to prove that your employer knew what was going on, did not have proper systems in place to correct the harassment and/or did not take appropriate action.

By holding your employer liable for the sexual harassment you were forced to endure, we will do our utmost to help you recover compensation for lost wages, emotional trauma and punitive damages.

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