Significant Cases


  • Segal v. Lynch (2012)
    • A "friend of the court" document that supports a parenting coordinator's right to be compensated for her time while defending against a meritless complaint.


  • Sharon Blakely v. ABC School (2010)
    • In this case, a school fired a special education teacher who was recovering from knee surgery. The teacher had been asked to perform tasks that had been forbidden by her physician.
  • Michael Ryan v. FAA/DOT (2004)
    • A case against the Federal Aviation Administration in which a white male with an excellent work history was repeatedly passed over for promotion in favor of much less experienced females and minorities.


  • Jerry Jones v. ABC Bank (2011)
    • An injury case involving a man who suffered serious harm to his fingers while trying to remove hundreds of dollars of his own money that had become stuck in an ATM.
  • Carmichael vs. ABC Environmental (2014)
    • A complex case involving an inventor and an investor who faced significant conflicts at work. Our law firm promoted an effective solution using alternative dispute resolution techniques.
  • Hunter v. Realty Experts, LLC. (2014)
    • This case involved a woman who was subjected to sexual harassment at work. After leaving that company and taking another job, her employer attempted to enforce a noncompete agreement against her.


  • Fawzy v. Fawzy (2009)
    • This New Jersey Supreme Court case helped determine the ways arbitration can be used in child custody and parenting time disputes.
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