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Wage Discrimination Bills Sent to Gov. Christie’s Desk

Gender-based wage discrimination is illegal in New Jersey under state law and Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act and the Federal Equal Pay Act. Although the two federal laws have been in place for about 50 years, too many employers continue to pay women less than men for equal work. Unfortunately, it can

Fast food franchise paid lower wages to female workers

Equal Pay Day was commemorated earlier this month. Equal Pay Day symbolizes the day when the average woman’s earnings catch up to the average man’s previous year earnings. It has been estimated that a woman would have to work 68 days into 2014 to earn what her male counterparts earned in 2013; the White House

AT&T settles age discrimination lawsuit

A couple of weeks ago we discussed how tough the job market is here in New Jersey, and throughout the country, for older workers. Older workers frequently face illegal discrimination in hiring as well as on the job. Although it can be difficult to accomplish, employers can be held accountable when they violate the federal

Gov. Chris Christie signs wage discrimination bill

Although the federal government outlawed wage discrimination based on sex in 1963, many women still face this type of discrimination here in New Jersey and throughout the country. In fact, Worcester County, Maryland, recently settled a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that accused a county board of paying female clerks less

Tough New Jersey job market may affect older workers

Last week, the Courier-Post reported that New Jersey’s job market sustained a loss of jobs in July. The net loss of 11,800 jobs marks the first time since the beginning of 2013 that the state has lost jobs. The findings are from a survey of employers and households that is designed to determine both the

Study: Unattractive people are bullied at work

Bullying is something that many of us hope is left far behind by the time we emerge from high school and step into the adult world here in New Jersey. Unfortunately, as many people learn, belittling and harassment can continue into adulthood. In fact, a recent study has found that bullying can be prevalent even

Former New Jersey detectives win on age discrimination claims

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination was the basis for an employment discrimination lawsuit filed by six former detectives who claimed that superiors required them to retire or simply released them because of their ages. The six plaintiffs won their age discrimination case last week when a jury returned a $2.7 million verdict in their

Lifeguard alleging age discrimination settles lawsuit

Summer is in full swing, and with hot and humid weather expected this weekend, many New Jersey residents may seek relief with cooling waters at the shore, area lakes or local pools. In many locations, the state or private organizations hire and post lifeguards for swimmers’ safety. While many of the lifeguards are younger, often

Bill would ease standard for workers in age discrimination suits

Federal laws prohibit employers in New Jersey and around the country from discriminating against their employees on the basis of certain enumerated categories, such as religion, gender and age. But age discrimination cases are somewhat different from other cases because of a 2009 Supreme Court ruling in a case called Gross v. FBL Financial Services,

New age discrimination rule promulgated by EEOC

In our last post we discussed the difficulty that many workers in New Jersey and elsewhere are having in securing permanent employment. As companies cut workforces during the recession, many older employees who had worked in the same job or industry for years were laid off. News stories frequently cite the hardship that older workers

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