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“What if my ex-spouse and I seriously disagree post-divorce?” A mediator’s perspective.

Introduction Here in New Jersey, your divorce is finalized by a judge’s gold seal on your Final Judgment of Divorce. After that point, the settlement plans include paying and receiving alimony/child support, distribution of property, as well as your parenting time arrangements. Sometimes, agreements need to be adjusted to meet the real world. Remember, disagreements

“What happens to our family-based business in the divorce process?” Here’s what you need to know.

Introduction According to Investor’s Business Daily, husbands and wives jointly own and operate 3.7 million businesses here in the United States. With close to half of all marriages ending in divorce, those who own family-based businesses may justifiably ask: “What happens to our company after the business partners are no longer spouses?” Divorce creates major

A Divorce Mediator’s Perspective: “I Was Just Served with Divorce Papers. What Do I Do?”

[Attorney Misty Velasques at Hanan M. Isaacs, P.C., recently published a blog post titled “My Spouse Just had me Served with a Divorce Complaint: Now What??” http://hananisaacs.com/blog/divorce/#sthash.HH2j7W7M.dpuf  In this post, Guest Blogger Rachel Alexander, a New Jersey mediator and attorney, gives a mediator’s perspective on the same topic. What differences do you see in the two

Guest Blogger: Rachel Alexander on Divorce Mediation or Trial Law: Be prepared when it really counts.

If you have made the decision to get divorced, Hanan-the-trial-lawyer and Rachel-the-divorce-mediator are here to help you in different yet complementary ways. INTRODUCTION A New Jersey divorce can be very confusing and stressful for everyone, with emotions running high. You may be angry, shaken, and concerned for your children. You may be scared and not

“My Spouse Just had me Served with a Divorce Complaint: Now What??”

We once had a divorce case in which one of the parties bitterly complained, throughout the matter: “He had the nerve to send a sheriff to my house to serve me with those divorce papers!” In fact, the sheriff’s service was the final straw after many months of failed attempts to get this individual’s attention.

Thinking about a lawsuit? Been sued? You may want to consider mediation.

Most people believe that financial disputes need to be resolved in court. While there are of course situations where a trial is the best approach, this is not always the case. Mediation may be (and often is) a better fit. Our law firm has been active and involved in developing the field of mediation in

“What happens after the Complaint for Divorce is filed?”

Our clients always ask us, “What happens after the Complaint for Divorce is filed?” That is an important question, and it deserves a thoughtful response. We intend this blog post to be our comprehensive and “plain English” answer. Case Management Order Once we have served the other party with a Summons and Complaint for Divorce

Client to Lawyer: “Can I get divorced yesterday?”

Almost every new divorce client wants to know: “How long will this process take? If not by yesterday, then can we be divorced by next month?” From experience, my answer is always the lawyerly one: “It depends.” In New Jersey, parties may resolve the underlying issues child-related and financial issues in various ways, but only a Family Court Judge has

“How Do I File for a NJ Divorce?”

Introduction In every initial consultation involving matrimonial practice (except when a prospective client comes in clutching the other party’s divorce complaint), the consulting party at some point asks us, “How exactly do I file for a divorce?” This blog post reveals the answers. . Initial Consultation In the initial consult, we ask you to explain

Guest Blog Post by Dr. Jennifer Gardella

I filed my own divorce – and here’s why you should not. If you have found your way to this post, first and foremost, I feel your pain. Whether you have been left by your significant other or are the one leaving your marriage, there is a death of a love, of a dream, and

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