Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dear Hanan,

I write to thank you for your legal services that proved so valuable to me in resolving an issue with my employer. I am a senior manager with 25 years’ experience in my company. My employer recently, abruptly, and for no stated reason cut back my working hours, resulting in a loss of 25% of my income and benefits. I was the only person in my large unit to be so treated, and I concluded it was due to my age and seniority.

Your legal advice and guidance helped me through a stressful two-month period, and the outcome was very positive for me. After I sent management the no-nonsense letter you drafted for me, my employer “changed its mind” and restored me to full-time employee status, at full salary and benefits.

Simply stated, I could not have succeeded without your help. Thank you for your assistance and professionalism.


– Amanda