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Family Law

  • Family Law
    • We provide legal support when your family is in crisis.  This includes all aspects of your divorce here in NJ including alimony, child support, and child custody.
  • Central New Jersey Alimony and Child Support Attorney Video
    • Here in NJ, we use a set of guidelines to start the discussion and negotiation of child support and child custody. This video explains how we can help you understand how the guidelines apply to your particular situation.
  • Central New Jersey Child Custody Modification Attorney Video
    • Yes, after your divorce you may need to revisit your child custody agreements.  Relocation due to work or for family can require a move. If you are looking to relocate your child out of state, or to challenge a planned relocation, this is a good place to start.
  • Central New Jersey Family Law Equitable Distribution Attorney Video
    • In this video, attorney Hanan Isaacs discusses New Jersey’s property division laws, which split a couple’s assets and debts equitably after a divorce.  In a divorce each asset of your life will be discussed including property, valuables and financial accounts.
  • New Jersey Divorce and Family Attorney Misty Avallone
    • New Jersey Divorce and Family Lawyer Misty Avallone discusses her extensive experience working with clients in Princeton and surrounding areas. Working with clients is a professional passion of Ms. Avallone. She will work diligently with you to ensure you are protected through the process and you can start to build your new future.

Employment Attorney

  • Hanan Isaacs New Jersey Employment Attorney
    • As a worker in NJ, you have the right to a peaceful and safe environment.  This should be free of bullying and harassment. Your employer also has the responsibility to provide you with reasonable accommodations for disability and time off when medically required.
  • Central New Jersey Unemployment Benefits Attorney Video
    • New Jersey law puts a heavy burden on employees seeking unemployment benefits. If you have been accused of misconduct, it is important to work with an attorney.
  • Central New Jersey Unlawful Termination Attorney Video
    • New Jersey employers cannot fire you for discriminatory reasons. If you are facing termination, make a record of your employer’s actions and speak to a lawyer.
  • Central New Jersey Whistleblower Protection Attorney Video
    • Whistleblowers have a number of powerful protections from employer retaliation.  If you have reported wrongdoing and find yourself in uncomfortable or unfair situations by colleagues and supervisors, you have rights.
  • Legal Assistance When You Have Problems at Work
    • If you live in NJ, you have the right to work for a company that is going to treat you appropriately. When you are treated illegally, you may be entitled to financial compensation for emotional damages. My years of experience can work for you if you have been sexually harassed, retaliated against for reporting illegal activity, or wrongfully